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  1. Ren

    Snow White Hair Gloss

    A chilly, bright perfume: flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers. Yay! This is my first BPTP hair gloss, and I'm so glad it's Snow White, my one true BPAL love. Opening up the bottle I am hit with the Snow White I know and I love. I stopped and smiled for a moment- Snow White just kind of evokes happiness for me. This is a mist spray, not a pump or a squirt, which is good- I prefer mists. As a hair gloss, I will definitely want to spray it on my hands first and smooth it over my hair for better, more even distribution. Spraying it directly onto my hair can cause some strands to be way oilier than others. I am really quite pleasantly surprised- this really does make my hair soft and shiny. My hair's quite long (little below tailbone length), wavy, and prone to being frizzy with stubbornly coarse ends. I don't remember the last time they felt this soft. As far as smell goes, this is wet-out-of-the-bottle Snow White, all beautiful cold snow and a hint of florals. There also seems to be some other faint scent in there that I'm not familiar with- I don't know if it's this year's Snow White as I haven't gotten a bottle of the perfume from the Lab yet, or if it's just the hair gloss itself. I can't put my finger on it- it's a little sharp, maybe a little...earthy? Kind of...vegetable-y? My husband described it as "chemical-y." It's fading though, as the gloss settles onto my hair, leaving behind just pure Snow White. I bought two bottles of this on blind faith and love for Snow White alone. If I can't extract a promise from Puddin' that Snow White will reappear next Yule in hair gloss form, I may have to buy more. I don't ever want to be without this.
  2. Ren

    Pink Snowballs Bath Oil

    (Double post, sorry.)
  3. Ren

    Pink Snowballs Bath Oil

    My first BPTP bath oil! I loved the Pink Snowballs perfume, and it was beautiful on my skin for about five minutes before it turned to powder, so I bought this in hopes of having some non-Powder Pink Snowball action in my life. Well, it's not Pink Snowballs perfume, but it is very nice. The bath oil seems much much more vanilla-y than I remember the perfume being. The pink rose seems like it's hiding behind the vanilla, just peeking out a little, and I don't get any snow or mint or anything. Just warm, sweet, creamy floral-vanilla. It blooms nicely in the bath and lingers on the skin and scents my clothes, so I can't complain about any of that. I've already bought a second bottle for when my first runs out.
  4. Ren

    Ice Princess Bath Oil

    In the bottle this smells...strange. Not weird or bad, just something I can't identify. Very perfumey, almost. However, in the bath, this really blossoms. I can't smell any peach (boo!), sadly, but it is gorgeous anyway. It's still floral, but it's a deep floral. I can make out the berries and what I suppose is the vanilla cream and honey making this sweet and lovely. I don't get any cold or ice out of this, nor is it nearly as fruity or foody as I was expecting. I can very easily imagine a princess smelling like this- sweet florals with a hint of purple berries. Once I'm out of the bath and dried, the scent lingers very well on my skin and has good throw. Oddly enough, if I hold my arm to my nose, I can smell the cold notes now. Since I amp cold on Snow White, I'm guessing my skin likes the lab's cold note. I would definitely buy this again.
  5. Ren

    Pink Snowballs

    Pink Snowballs 2011- In the Imp: This is really sweet. Lots of vanilla- lots. I actually didn't get anything chilly or floral. Just VERY sweet, sugary vanilla, very warm. Wet on my skin: This is quite possibly the sugariest thing I've ever smelled! Drying: Oh, now it becomes a beautiful sweet, feminine, vanilla-y pink floral. Gorgeous! Except...after a little bit it begins to dance between beautiful pink floral and baby powder before finally settling into full-on baby powder. Drydown: And baby powder rest of the way. It's a beautiful fragrance when it settles down onto my skin and begins to dry, but it's too fleeting to make up for the baby powder scent, sadly.
  6. Ren


    This was frimp I got from the lab. I didn't know what to expect, didn't know what was in it, and my husband didn't like it from the vial. So I put it on. It turned into a gorgeous, spicy-woody scent...almost like a craft store but deeper. There's a hint of something aquatic, which I think is the apple, and something warm, which I think is the amber. Mmmm. I need to get a bigger bottle of this.
  7. Ren


    I happily just received my 5ML of Glitter after having obsessed over my nearly empty imp for about a year. Well, whatever it is, this is not the Glitter I was expecting. I got the same lemon citronella scent many other people did. Was there a component change or something? So yeah. No sweet, sparkling candy and juice like last time. Just cheap, chemical lemons.
  8. Ren

    Job Interview Recommendations

    *hijack* I've got my first job interview tomorrow. It's for a part time position taking care of tropical plants in commercial buildings. Heh. Anyway...any recommendations for an oil? I'm in possession of: Fae, Rose Red, Titania, Glitter (I'd rather not use Glitter, as I have very little of it left and it is my favourite.), Wanda, Brisingamen, and Ophelia. I think Wanda is right out (can we say sex and booze?), but what do you guys think?
  9. Ren

    Rose Red

    I just got a new bottle, fresh from the Lab. YAY! Anyway. Rose Red was the first one I opened and smelled. ...I think I'm in love. I'm glad I found something I can love as much as my poor Glitter. Rose Red, in the bottle, smells EXACTLY like a fresh-cut rose right from the Florist's fridge. Wet, on my skin, the greenery gets amped up. The green overpowers the rose a bit, almost to where it's sharp. Drydown, the rose comes to the front again, which is good. And finally, dry, it's just a soft, fresh rose, still a little cold from the fridge. <3 Ooooh. It fades a little, but it's sooo good.
  10. Ren

    Blood Countess

    I finally get to try Blood Countess. Let's see. Imp: On first sniff, it smelled like...dead roses and opium with a hint of gardenia...? Second sent, it smelled more berry/plum winelike. Hmm. Wet: This is...odd. I really don't know how to describe it. Almost alcoholic, some kind of floral.... Drying: Same...only more powderish...It smells...just weird. Dry: Not much change. I like florals, but not this kind of floral. Oh, Blood Countess, I wanted to love you, really....but this one just doesn't do much for me. Sigh. Off to swaps it goes.
  11. Ren


    First of all: Glitter smells good. Really, really good. On me, at least. Imp: Did I mention this smells REALLY good? It smells rather candyish, but I can kinda pick out the pear, lotus, heliotrope, and...white grape juice? Must be the wine. Wet: Caaaaaaaandy! Still, good smelling candy. Dry: I...I think I just orgasmed. This smells DIVINE. On me, it's complex and sweet and juicy. The grape juice (I know, wine, but it smells like grape juice on me.) and pear just SPARKLE. Soooo good. Unfortunately, as with the previous poster, this fades REALLY fast on me. A half an hour to an hour and it's GONE. I wish there was a way to make it stay longer because this is heaven in a bottle. I will be requiring a large bottle of this because I love it enough to reapply it every hour. So yummy.