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  1. faylie

    Rest and Play

    I only just got this today and gave it a dab straight out of the box. That was a few hours ago now. First huff reminded me of the burnt gravelly note in Brimstone which I admit I haven't had a wiff of for at least 15 years and I was none to fond of then. Then a few minutes later I could smell a lemony breeze wafting over the ashes which was a little more pleasant. Then after a mad run around in unseasonably warm weather it has completely morphed into a wonderful vanillary candle warmth that I love. None of the ash, that all got swept up before the candle was lit for the evening. Now the pets are settled in for a cozy nap by the fire too. Slightly smoky vanilla with a touch of warm fur. Lovely and all I hoped for.
  2. faylie

    Mata Hari

    I had an imp of this many years ago (10+) and tried it once and gave it away, it thought a bit like many people have found, that the coffee was stale. A few years ago I felt a need to try it again and ordered an imp, but promptly misplaced it. It resurfaced in a bag I've not used for a good 2-3 years. I tried it on and fell in love. It is like drinking a milky coffee in a rose garden while wearing a soft vanilla perfume on a sunny day with a cool breeze. I can't say for certain how long this will last on me as I applied when going to bed, but I could still smell a touch when I woke in the morning so I think it should last well for day wear. I didn't get much jasmine if any, but it could have given the roses a bit of oomph and I think the mahogany lent it a bit of warmth, no figs but I don't mind, it was beautiful and I will be ordering a bottle of this goodness.
  3. faylie

    The Haunted Palace

    This is gorgeous. It is a right but not heavy floral with enough amber, vanilla and musk to stop it being just a floral. The amber is not powdery, the vanilla is not foody and the musk isn't in your face. It is blended perfectly. I have no idea why I hesitate to wear this. I feel pretty but not girly wearing it, it is more of a grown up scent but definitely not a typical 'old lady' scent. I think I would wear this going out to dinner, but today I am just going to wear it at home, enjoy it for me and feel good.
  4. faylie

    Wynter Wakeneth Al My Care

    This was very heavy going on, more than I had expected and quite incensy too, it isn't overwhelming though, just heavier than I wanted on a hot summer day. It dries down beautifully though, a lovely warm rich vanilla resin. I love it, I keep finding my arm stuck to my nose to take sniffs. It is a very soothing scent, one I would wear if I know I am going to have a rough day and need a little calming oomph.
  5. faylie

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    It definitely does smell beautiful. I think it is a bit more incensy than I expected and a bit more heavy, but the bottle smells wonderful. I had on Crystal Phoenix this morning which has worn off enough to give this a try now. Hmmm, it's good. Even if it is wonky I still like it.
  6. faylie

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I got a bottle of Wynter Wakeneth in a swap yesterday, the oil is separated into two layers. The bottom layer is clear as most of my bottles are, the top layer, which is about 3/4 of the oil, looks kind of like it is in frosted glass. If I roll it to try and combine the layers it looks almost bubbly. Is anyone else's like this, have I been sent a dodgy swap or might it come right after letting it rest for a while? I have never had a bottle go like this in more than 10 years of using BPAL so am a little worried
  7. Can anyone suggest a rose scent with pepper in it? Or something similar?
  8. faylie

    Help fix this scent! Feat. layering!

    Also give Dana O'shee a try with it, It isn't vanilla, but the sweet softness of it could calm down the sharpness of Heartsong. Plus it's just a great everyday, easy to wear scent.
  9. Oooh, I have an imp of La Petit Mort, I will try it out again tomorrow. I put on some Hemlock Honey today, it has some of the same sort of feeling to it, but again without the fruityness, I will get him to give it a sniff when he gets home. Maybe I need to try some layering.
  10. Mata Hari: I know I have an imp of this somewhere, but I just can't find it. I can't entirely remember how it smells but have really been wanting to wear it again. Is there anything that smells similar?
  11. faylie

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    My favourites chop and change a lot, but currently I keep reaching for these Mysterious Warning Skuld Mad Kate Kali Haloes
  12. I have Door, while I quite like it, I know he doesn't. Something in it goes rather powdery in me, while I usually dislike powdery perfumes I do find Door somewhat comforting. I do know it took me quite a few wears to decide if it was a love or hate for me. Against Idleness and Mischief is one I will have to give a try, it sounds lovely to my tastes and promising to his. Fruits don't seem to be much of a success with me, and Magnolia turns quite heavy on me, so I think Josie wouldn't be good, but then again ylang ylang can be quite heady too, so I think I may give it a try, the reviews sound like it could go either way. I don't like my chances of getting hold of Honeyed Apples, and as said before, fruits can be iffy, but I will give it a try if I do. Thanks.
  13. Finally, after 12+ years of wearing BPAL, I was standing next to a fan having just applied my BPAL for the day, my husband says "What's that smell? It smells nice, sweet." I had just put on Skuld. Any ideas of what else he may like? I think it was the honey/ylang ylang combo. I couldn't pick up any musk in there, I could smell more honey than ylang ylang, but that's my nose, he may have picked it up differently. I asked what he could smell but he couldn't identify anything in particular, he just liked the sweetness but he's never liked foodie scents on me. He says he thinks he prefers florals but he's not liked any jasmine, tolerates rose but is very meh if I wear any. Violet is all powder on me so I don't go there. He does not like strong perfumes or patchouli, vetever or anything like that. TIA
  14. faylie


    This is everything I had no idea I needed in a very feminine scent. I find it sweet, a little musky, just enough to ground it a bit and more floral than most scents I like. I don't usually go for florals but I do like ylang ylang. The honey is that from O, it keeps the ylang ylang from being too heady or overpowering. I get no labdanum at all, which for me is a good thing. To begin with it has a burst of throw but then settles in nice and close as a wonderful second skin. It loves me as I love it. I applied about 5 hrs ago, I can smell it well on my clothes but I do have to snurfle in close to smell it on my wrist now, however when I put some on last night I could still smell it in the morning, it may well have washed off more than I thought when I did some dishes.
  15. Hey, could anyone compare Velvet and Gelt for me? Similarities, differences? Also, where would Boomslang vary from these? Thanks