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    Favorite Scents: Snake Oil; Snake Charmer; Blood Moon; MB:Underpants; Beaver Moon; Schwarzer Mond Favorite Notes: MUSK! MUSK! MUSK! Vanilla; Amber; Opoponax; Rose/Carnation/Bergamot blends; Tea; Orange Blossom; Strawberry; Cherry; Nuts;


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  1. bloodlotus1

    Jacob's Ladder

    A few years ago, during my brief attempts at oil-making, I had a recipe for an amber oil. It was okay, I liked it, but it some how seemed unfinished. I am now very happy to say I've finally got my amber oil. Jacob's Ladder is a beautiful, smooth, clear, golden, amber scent. This has the nicest benzoin I've smelled. Nothing sharp or acrid about it. Rich & resinous. I detect the ambrette which gives it a sweet, almost but not quite perfumey aspect which I find in good egyptian musk. The rockrose is earthy, very slightly musky but not musty as it can turn on my skin in some other blends. The galbanum gives it an ititial light spiciness & the tonka holds it all together. I'm not familiar with costus. That said, I find this oil extremely well-balanced. It dries down to a pure balsam fragrance that's just a touch sweet & that lasts FOREVER. More bottles will be ordered!
  2. bloodlotus1

    Sugar Skull

    Sugar Skull 2005 Dark, mapley, burnt sugar. Then the fruits come out. Smells like a cross between the candied fruits you get in a fruitcake & the port-soaked raisins that are in the way superior Jamaican fruitcake my Mom makes for Christmas. A touch of cinnamon & a little more than a smidge of smoke. More fruity than the '04 version, but then again I had an older imp. Tenacious as all hell. Huge throw. All in all I like this one.
  3. bloodlotus1

    Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat I really like this one. In the bottle (which I don't normally do): It DOES smell like corn! Sweet, maybe creamed corn. On skin: The corn smell tones down considerably & I get a caramel type scent. Dried: Yes, this is the smell of candy corn. I was waiting for the plastic note to come out, hence I only purchased one bottle, but it never appears. YAY! Or BOO? 'Cause now I'm thinking maybe one more before the Halloween Update is gone.
  4. bloodlotus1

    Dragon's Milk

    Very sweet vanilla & dragon's blood. I don't detect the honey as such. What was a faint oily smell has now turned into hair oil. I don't remember the name but the yellowishgreen kind my mom used to use on my hair when I was 10. Sweet, cloying, hair oil. Not for me.
  5. bloodlotus1

    Dragon's Musk

    Reminds me of the plum-note in Snake Charmer. Kind of fruity, resiny & of course, musky. Liking this very much. Onto the bottle list you go.
  6. bloodlotus1


    I wanted to love this. In fact I did for 10 whole minutes. Sexy honey-roses. Sweet orange blossom. Dry sandalwood. Finally, an OMG scent. 10 minutes later, powder. Not powder-y but POWDER. Honey powder, but powder none the less. With the throw of doom. Oh well.
  7. bloodlotus1

    Les Infortunes de la Vertu

    Wet: smells like a citrus musk. What? Checks description. Um, okay. Drying: Leather. Oh boy. I likes me some leather but come on now. Am I going to have to add this to the 'psychotic scents list'? I like Wanda & Perversion but my list of nothing-but-leather is growing. Dry-down: Alright, much better. The leather has toned down immeasurably & has blended almost seamlessly with the other notes. But. But I can't differentiate the other notes. I know I like &/or love the other notes, especially amber & oakmoss. Extremely well-blended, slightly sweet & a little musky. I know what the notes listed are but this is what I wanted Villain to smell like. Whatever, I'm not complaining. A bit masculine so I'll be trying this on the BF but I am liking this very much for myself. Another winner bought unsniffed.
  8. bloodlotus1


    Exactly like the description. A sweet, musky, golden amber. Way better than the other golden ambers I've tried from other sources. This is rich, deep, has a ton of throw & lasts almost forever. Very smooth & the musk is indeed dark while somehow never diminishing the amber glow. (I get something slightly citrus-like which may account for that.) I was hesitant on the 'black musk' since vetiver & myrrh both go psychotic on me but I detect neither in this blend. Yes! Definite top ten for me!
  9. bloodlotus1


    On me: leather. On the BF: A sweet, masculine blend of leather & soft woods. A little piney, a little dry. Good throw. Not for me but BF likes it.
  10. bloodlotus1

    Penny Dreadful

    Like LiberAmoris I too get a hint of lemon...ginger, dirt, lemon & just enough floral to keep this from being foody. I was a little scared of the grave loam as Zombi didn't work too well on me but this is very rich & red as stated in the description. I also always get a faint dirt smell from the ginger blends but again, this is nothing like that. The ginger is true & the florals are not too perfumey. This is a lovely scent & I'm glad I bought a 5 ml unsniffed.
  11. bloodlotus1


    Numb is Yog's girlfriend. I like it very much.
  12. I of course am not 100% certain but the sweetness I detect in Buck Moon reminds me VERY strongly of Egyptian Musk. I'm caught between smelling White Musk, (like in Dorian), & Egyptian, (the sweetness). Unfortunately for me Bastet didn't work out. As much as I wanted to love it I got a 'fuzzy' thing going on. I can't really describe it any better than that . Sadly, no more single notes hokte...
  13. bloodlotus1

    Orange Blossom and Neroli Recs

    Hunger, Ravenous & Vixen.
  14. bloodlotus1


    Really don't know what else I can add but to agree with all the reviewers before me. It starts off reminding me of Antique Lace without the creamy vanilla. A breeze on a summer's night after everything has quieted & cooled down in the wee hours of the morning. It also brings to mind the vastness of space, black & midnight blue with nothing but the distant, glittering stars for company. Not floral, foody, herbally, or resiny. Not as sweet as Darkness or "clean" like Dirty. It IS the scent of air & darkness without a doubt. I love this scent & use it when going out at night, (by myself), & before bed when I need to unwind. It's not a "comforting" scent but one that makes me feel comfortable being alone & helps me to feel alone even when I'm not. This is the marvel of Beth & her oils. She can somehow encapsulate a mood, a scene, an experience in a little bottle & that is true art. Thank you Beth! (By the way, my pic is "Yog- Sothoth" by Dave Carson.)