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    San Francisco, California
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    Snake Charmer
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    Spicy, warm scents, sweet scents, or anything fruity. My favorite BPAL blends are: -Eclipse -Chimera -Succubus -Dragon's Milk -Snake Oil -Dana O'Shea -Blood Amber -Alice -Neo-Tokyo -Scherezade -Black Pearl -Morocco -Tombstone -Snow White -Othello -Lampades -Manila -Pele -Dirty -Corazon -Shub-Niggurath -Al-Azif -Dorian -Blood Pearl -Milk Moon -Snake Charmer -Eat Me -Spirits of the Dead -Mme. Moriarty -Lyonesse -Lick Me Again (the list keeps growing and growing!) My favorite non-BPAL fragrance is Theorema by Fendi (Perfumer - Christine Nagel).

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    Anything weird and wonderful, otherwordly and insightful, strange and mysterious. Authors I admire: Colin Wilson, Dion Fortune, D.A. Heeley, Michael Ende, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Rosamunde Pilcher, Sheri S. Tepper, Susan Howatch, Tanith Lee, Poppy Z. Brite, and of course, the ubiquitous Anne Rice. I also love tea and green smoothies (but not necessarily together :) ).
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  1. Stephanie

    The Gaoler's Daughter

    Ooo this is not nice on me. I'm getting Peach Air Freshener! Like a peach-scented plug-in. I get a slightly spicy aquatic white floral spiked with peach. I don't how this doesn't work--maybe it's the honey? I wish I could detect the cream and amber. Maybe it's the fresh citrus kick of neroli that registering as "aquatic" with me? But I normally love neroli!
  2. Stephanie


    Sadly, this smells like a chocolate eraser on me. Or maybe chocolate Play Doh. It's a flowery-like dry cocoa. A little musky. Hmm..it not playing nice right now. Maybe a little aging might help.
  3. Stephanie

    Butter Rum Cookie

    This is like a richer, cinnamon-laden, slightly spiked version of Sugar Cookie. I it! I was wary of the rum being too potent, but it's not at all! It just gives the cookie a little "kick". I'm mostly getting buttery snickeredoodle. It's very good and definitely bottle-worthy!
  4. Stephanie

    Where is this scent?

    This is Bats Day . BPAL will be vending. How lucky for the people going!
  5. Stephanie

    Ichabod Crane

    Definitely like a creamier White Rabbit with lily! I'm not too partial to WR, but I like this! Reminds me of the first Milk Moon, too. Yummy. Introspective and sweet. I will get a bottle of this!
  6. Stephanie


    Oh I thought I would love this one!! But it's too powdery on me. Like a sweet, powdery version of Corazon and Dia de los Muertos. Somehow this doesn't play nice on my skin. Sadness!
  7. Stephanie

    Huesos De Santo

    Orange-glazed cake, dotted with anise seed, and filled with custard, set beside a bouquet of celebratory funeral flowers. Candied oranges with caramel. Maybe some spice..maybe some roses and chrysanthemums. Mostly sweet vanilla-y oranges. Slightly cake-y. Slight licorice. Not too sweet. Pretty. I'm enjoying wearing this--it's slather-worthy. And I love the name!
  8. Stephanie


    Love ths one! I smell fresh green hay overlaid with grains and carrots. I think I can smell chlorophyll! Like sweet leaves. Not too much maple, for me. But there is some sweet syrupy-ness, think. Nice. It's something different.
  9. Stephanie

    Destroying Angel Claw Polish

    This is a deep, blackened, film noir-type brown. Very sophisticated yet edge-y. I love it. And it looks good even with my brown skin tone (which is an NC35 in MAC). It's a little streaky in the first coat, three coats makes it even darker the bottle color. I put on three coats and it's great. I think I do see a bit of purple because there seems be a depth to it. This is not a drab, dead brown that's for sure!!
  10. Stephanie

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh you have a super rare one!! Those were how the bottles looked at the very beginning (before I joined). And the that's how the labels looked on the imp's ears! I loved those labels with the twiney sticky "sinew". but they were too time consuming for the Lab to keep creating when they got super busy. I'd definitely hold on to that bottle! It looks so cute.
  11. Stephanie


    This has the same "redness" of Snake Charmer, but it's totally different. While Snake Charmer is thick and rich with vanilla and plum, Marianne is dry and "dusty" and sexy. At first it's almost like peanut butter on my skin and Smut-like (I'm guessing because of the musk), but then the drydown is all red musk and patchouli. This is like Snake Charmer's "experienced" aunt--serious, calculating and drop dead sexy. eta: on a whim, I just layered Madini's Vanille on top and it's so yummy now! It's totally sweetened up and gorgeous! Just FYI for those who are into vanilla.
  12. Stephanie

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    Totally. I agree. I the beginning when I was new to BPAL, there used to be a statement on the website (in the FAQ's) saying that the blends were all-natural. But now that's gone and I'm not sure when it was changed.
  13. Stephanie


    This is like Black Pearl with lilac!! Like a snowy blue springtime version of Black Pearl. I can sense that same lovely coconut note. Ashlultum, to me is predominately a sweet and flowery coconut tea. There is a slight smoky bitterness in the mix which adds complexity. I love it so it's for me!
  14. Stephanie

    Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream

    I love the blueberry in this! If there was an Asian-inspired Blueberry Moon, this would be it! It begins a little foody--like a Blueberry Muffin doll, then the green tea and red current kick in--giving it this green berry freshness. The drydown is dry and vanillic and resin-y (= benzoin?) with a hot spicy kick ( = ginger). It's fun, lighthearted and...weird.
  15. Stephanie

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    This is orange-flavored Snake Oil! The fruity-citrus hit of acai berry and neroli come on very strong. Underneath, I can sense some of the thick patchouli/vanilla sweetness of Snake Oil, but not much. The drydown is a bit plasticky. And then it's almost like a berry-scented shampoo! A strange side-effect from my skin chemistry, I think.