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    snake oil, urd, o, sin, pumpkin king nag-champa type stuff, i like things that smell like vanilla, almond, sugar, or honey.


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  1. bridgetvoid

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    i'm so devastated, for some reason this starts off like a warm lovely amber and then turns into straight up ammonia
  2. bridgetvoid


    sexy incense with mild pine undertones.
  3. bridgetvoid

    Marshmallow Cookie Pie

    huh. usually i can tell if i'm going to like an oil right away as things don't tend to morph too much on me OR i just don't have sophisticated enough of a nose for it. in the bottle - chocolate. sort of a dusty crusty chocolate like burnt brownies. on me - woah burnt chocolate for days HOWEVER and this is where it seemed weird for me, up close it smelled like burn chocolate, but the throw was totally marshmallow sweetness, very soft and very pretty, not overwhelming or cloying at all. a bunch of hours later and it's just turned into a really soft and pretty scent.
  4. bridgetvoid

    Earless Chocolate Bunny

    i was so excited for this but i get straight up plastic chocolate metal and not much else.
  5. bridgetvoid


    i can't eat chocolate due to allergies but lately i've been on a huge "i want to smell like chocolate all the time" kick. Bliss is -perfect- it smells like sweet, warm, milky chocolate. absolutely delicious. however, it has no throw and lasts about 3 minutes on my skin before it's gone.
  6. bridgetvoid

    Mornings in New Orleans

    this is the -weirdest- scent experience i've ever had with bpal. i got this for my husband and it had the most bizarre reaction to his skin in the bottle - very sweet coffee, i was hoping more cafe du monde, this was more like thai coffee. very yummy but very sweet wet on skin - woah sweet. sort of that cherry almond marzipan thing going on drydown - ok now we're talking, delicious coffee. still not what i was hoping for but yummy 2 hours later - CURRY POWDER LIKE WOAH. seriously my husband smells like a restaurant.
  7. bridgetvoid


    this smells subtle and pretty in the bottle, sort of nondescript sort of watery and perfumey if that makes sense. on me - straight up celery. dry down - sweetened celery? it's so close to being awesome but it's celery.
  8. to me the chocolate in this smells exactly like going to neuhaus or some other chocolatier, very rich and not sweet at all. the floral scents mix really well together and are way more at the forefront than i was expecting. on dry-down it sort of reminds me of joyva raspberry jelly rings, which were one of my favorite candies in the world before i stopped eating chocolate (i'm allergic to it, but i can still wear it as perfume apparently so now i'm gonna be trying ALL the chocolate scents)
  9. bridgetvoid

    El Dia de los Reyes

    in the bottle this just smells SO good to me. rich dark coffee and chocolate with a slight undercurrent of cinnamon. however when i wear it the cinnamon amps like woah and reminds me of altoids. i think i'm gonna have to get a scent locked for this one because i adore it in the bottle.
  10. bridgetvoid

    Luna Sanguinem

    when i first smelled this i felt like "Woah dragon blood" vert sweet and yummy but not what i was expecting on skin it pretty much instantly morphed and the beeswax took center stage and it turned into something dark and smoky and sexy. it's gets a little softer and perfumy after a while, but it's a keeper. it sort of reminds me of Blood Moon 05
  11. bridgetvoid

    Sweets to the Sweet

    the honey and sugar are light and sweet, however over time the lemon becomes a little acidic and overpowering. this one totally changes depending on when i wear it during my cycle, at some points it's spun sugar and honey, other times straight up lemon that has almost turned.
  12. bridgetvoid


    red musky, baby powder, and incense. it's very sweet and gentle. I'm wondering, based on reading other reviews, if this doesn't age super well, or gets softer with age, because I definitely get a resiny incense scent going on, but very soft and very gentle. i spent way too much on this and honestly don't think i can justify keeping it
  13. bridgetvoid

    Detestable Putrescence

    I love this one, just straight up vanilla ice cream. not too cloying, not too sweet, just a really simple and delicious vanilla with a hint of warmth. I honestly wear this one to bed a lot OR mix it with Stekkiarstaur when i just want to feel totally overhwhelmed by vanilla-y goodness.
  14. bridgetvoid

    The Harvesters

    this was very foody on me and unfortunately the cinnamon (?) or the wheat didn't work for me at all.
  15. bridgetvoid

    Womb Furie

    I absolutely love this scent. When I first got into BPAL 100 years ago I was all over snake oil, but I think this has usurped it as my go-to scent that will work pretty much anywhere at any time. the honey makes it just a little softer while not taking away anything from snake oil's awesomeness