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  1. LaurenO


    At first I get mostly sweet creamy tea, with a hint of fresh bread. The tea is much softer than in White Rabbit. The bread isn't overpowering or particularly foody - I probably wouldn't have picked up on it as bread if I hadn't known that it was a note. It's comforting without being all 'omg cupcakes!' like, say, Beaver Moon. I do like those super-foody blends sometimes, but this is much more work-appropriate. After a couple of hours I'm left with sweet cream with a hint of tea. Gorgeous and bottle-worthy!
  2. LaurenO


    A frimp from the lovely lunaticana! In the vial: Bright, sugary citrus. Wet: Lime! Very bright and fresh, just cut lime. Dry: Still lime, and then pretty soon after I'm getting a hint of coconut. It kind of makes my mouth water, though it's not foody at all. Im getting more flowers too. This is really pretty!
  3. LaurenO

    Peach Moon

    In the bottle: Peaches and something heady. Mm, jasmine. It smelled humid to me, if that makes sense. Wet: Peach peach peach. But soft, definitely blossoms. Something sharp in the background too, not bad sharp, just more spiky than the peach. Dry: It's very fresh, and predominately peach blossom on me. However, when I get close to it, I can smell the jasmine and something that might be the wood? I'm not sure, I don't have a great nose. I really like this - it's pretty much exactly what I wanted. It isn't much of a morpher on me, and the peach blossom is always present. I kind of worried that it'd end up being all jasmine and the other notes, but nope. It's very pretty, not too full-on, but it has a good throw.
  4. LaurenO

    All Night Long

    I got this as a frimp ages ago, and just sort of abandoned it, so I've given it a proper test this week. I just get straight up cinnamon, which I like, but I wouldn't choose for myself. However, really I wanted to test its, ahem, other properties. It works, for me anyway! Maybe it's just psychosomatic or whatever, but yeah. Good stuff.
  5. LaurenO

    Suck It

    In the bottle: Definitely cherry, backed up with a hint of booziness that's making me think of cough syrup. Wet: Boozy cherry. Nice, but something's catching me at the back of the throat and I can't get the cough syrup association out of my mind. Dry: Sugary cherries. Not cough syrup anymore, but instead its making me think of throat lozenges. The 'brandy' aspect is translating in my mind as something kind of minty or eucalyptus-y. The scent overall is quite faint when dry, I think. I love the name and concept of this scent, and I don't think it smells bad on me, per se. I just can't stop thinking of cough syrup and related products. I'm glad I didn't go for a bottle right away. I'm happy to have my decant and it'll be cool to see how it ages, but I think I'll stick with Bloody Mary for when I want to smell like cherries.
  6. LaurenO


    I've been meaning to review this for ages. I really like it. I tend to like lighter, sweeter scents generally, although I do own a few darker blends. I think that this is a good inbetweener. It's got amber, but it isn't too dark or resinous. It has florals and pink pepper, but it isn't overpoweringly 'girly'. It's spicy, sweet and pretty sophisticated.
  7. LaurenO

    Juke Joint

    Wet on the skin, this is a boozy mint. Thankfully the alcohol seems to evaporate and it turns into mint sugar. It's not a candied though - definitely the scent of crushed mint leaves. Very nice, and a good alternative (on me, at least) to LE mint scents.
  8. LaurenO

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    I really like this oil, and I should wear it more. It's a very fresh, realistic and juicy strawberry. I don't get any noticeable greenery from it, but it isn't at all candy-sweet, so perhaps the other notes just make it smell more natural. It dries down to a strawberry juice and sugar scent. I find the dry down of this quite similar to High-Strung Daisies, although in their wet stages they're very different.
  9. LaurenO

    The Illustrated Woman

    I thought I had reviewed this already, but apparently not. When I look at the notes now, it doesn't look like something I'd order, but my tastes have changed. When I first got it, it was totally nondescript - couldn't smell it in the bottle or on my skin. I took it out a few months later, tried it and bleugh. PINE. This, along with Samhain, is what made me realise that pine is a note of doom on my skin. My bottle is about a year and a half old now, and I keep thinking that maybe I should give it another go, but then I remember the pine-induced nausea. I'll put it up for swaps, if I ever get around to doing a swaps post.
  10. LaurenO


    Spiced apple pie. I probably won't wear this often, but it's definitely a very warm, comforting scent.
  11. LaurenO


    When I first got this I was kind of disappointed - it was a bit sickening on my skin. I think part of the problem was that I was putting too much on. I think as long as I apply Boo sparingly we'll get on fine. It's a lovely crisp, light sugar. It's the sweetness of Xanthe, without the fruit, and with a bit of extra creaminess. I'm liking it a lot.
  12. LaurenO

    Bite Me

    I expected this to be extremely foody and buttery, but it's really not. It's soft, sugary and very wearable. It's also probably the longest lasting bpal on me that I've found. It doesn't thrill me, but I'm glad I have the imp.
  13. LaurenO


    Review for the 2009 version - This is mostly a sweet coconut on me, at least at first, but there's this crisp bite of apple that prevents it from being too sickly. It's definitely a very crunchy red apple underneath the caramel/coconut scent. Lovely.
  14. LaurenO

    High-Strung Daisies

    This is very bright and fizzy to me. It reminds me of these fizzy strawberry lace sweets that I love, though my boyfriend says it reminds him of Juicy Fruit. The dry-down is very like Strawberry Moon 09 to me. So glad this is GC!
  15. LaurenO


    I expected to love this, and I do, but it's very different from how I thought it would be. In the imp: honey, with something else that's a little fresher and zingier. Wet: It's kind of smoky - I totally didn't expect this. I actually didn't really know what carnations smelled like before I tried this, and I'm pretty sure that what I'm reading as smoky is actually the spiciness of the carnations. Honey is still very present, though. I think I get some rose too, but it's not strong. Dry: Mostly honey with bergamot peeking out from the background. The milk in this isn't very strong on me. The whole thing is just lovely and well blended. I need a bottle of this! Preferably more than one, in fact.