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  1. caffinatedangel

    Milk Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea Ganache Truffle

    This was an odd one. It ended up very dry. Chalky chocolate (apparently this is what "milk chocolate" does on my skin?) and an almost soapy green tea. Then the matcha dominates, and I feel like I just bathed with a can of powdered matcha. It made me think powdery and soapy. It turned shockingly /girly/ on me and I'm not sure how it achieved that either. It wasn't bad, on the right person it would be lovely. Just not for me, I'm thinking. Had strong throw, and lasting power.
  2. caffinatedangel

    Milk Chocolate, Coconut, Cardamom, Rum, and Ginger Truffle

    Hm. 1) I'm realizing "milk" chocolate and I do not blend. White chocolate? yes. Dark chocolate? oh gods yes. Milk chocolate? = grossness. 2) Cardamon is not the best scent to smell like. I had hoped the ginger would be dominant on me, I love spicy blends. Chai-chocolate? God I wish. This was a pile of cardamon and shaved chocolate on top. Period. So sad. Will trade it to someone with a more complimentary skin.
  3. caffinatedangel

    Dark Chocolate and Key Lime Truffle

    I think my review is similar to most posted. Though I felt the balance of chocolate and lime was really delicious. It is also certainly Key lime, no other kind. Though it made me want coconut in this scent, so I could start singing that "put the lime in the coconut" song. But it got stuck in my head anyways. This scent, to me, is a perfect transition scent from winter into spring. The cozy chocolate, with this zesty lime that just perks you up. It's really unique, and I think I'll happily use up my decant. Really strong throw, which may cause some problems since I prefer softer throwing scents. The lime lasted a long while on me too, and I felt like the lime made the chocolate slightly juicy. But that could just be me. Loved it though.
  4. caffinatedangel

    White Chocolate, Strawberry, and White Pepper Truffle

    So, I glanced over other reviews and am curious about what my nose picks up. This is certainly a sweet white chocolate, and a delicious strawberry. Most certainly a strawberry found in /chocolate/. It wont be fresh ripe strawberries. I mean, even fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate get a little sickly sweet . The white pepper, at least I thought in my head, added a real definite bite to the scent. It made the strawberry juicier, somehow. In my head, I imagined biting into the chocolate truffle, and snagging a strawberry seed (and unleashing that green, raw zap in contrast to the sweet). Somehow I associated that image with the white chocolate. So, take what you will from that. Like I say in most all of my posts, scents tend to get zesty/spicey on me the longer I wear them. This one went along with that, but was still really delicious by the end. I got to sample the white chocolate strawberry from last year, LOVED it, but love this one more. It's just got more for the nose to play with, somehow. I wont wear it in proportion to how much I love it, I know. I just can't always smell like sweet chocolates . But it's going to become a personal scent I put on to help me bypass sugar cravings o_o. Another love. Wonderful truffles this year.
  5. caffinatedangel

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Cognac Truffle

    Dark chocolate, whiskey, and cognac truffle. Wow the first review hits everything I wanted to say. I was weary of this one because of how so many people seem to react to the boozy notes. But this is just amazing. In the imp it's misleading, but put it on skin and WOW. The chocolate blooms. It is the creamiest, most delectable chocolate I've come across from BPAL. It's like biting into a luxury truffle, with the most amazing filling. Oh nomnom. It does border on foodie, because i clearly smell like amazing chocolate. It's got this pop of sweet when when air wafts just right, but a solid solid base of deep, delicious cocoa. I got this actually to slather on my male friends to see how it works, but no. This is mine now. I also have this tendency, somehow, to make notes go a little tangier/spicier the longer they're worn over the day. So, by the end of the night this is almost a chai chocolate to my nose. I just love this. The throw is another perfect one from the lab. Close to me, but yet not so close I can't smell it on myself . And when people enter my comfort zone, they notice. But they don't notice when I walk by on the other side of the room. It doesn't last as long as I'd like- but I'd like it to last 24 hours+. It easily lasted 9 hours at the least. I reapplied after work. Love.
  6. caffinatedangel

    Metal Tiger

    I received this as a decant from Salixnoir. It's a really bright, happy, energetic scent. There are these pops of fruit at the start, and then it gets very, very "clean". It smells like what I'd love my laundry to always smell like. It's not powdery, it's not overtly soapy- it's just got that clean laundry smell to it. One of the newer, scented laundry-smells with fruits and florals. It smells good. Just, not what I had hoped for from an essential oil . It didn't last really long on me. And there were so many different notes it was hard to try to get my inexperienced nose to pick out what was what- and then I decided MEH who cares. The overall vibe is what matters, right? The best way to describe this is clean and happy. The lychee is mostly responsible. The "metallic" note I only really got from the imp, not so much on skin. It's vibrant and fun, and a scent i think I may keep around, just to perk myself up on dreary days. Otherwise, it isn't a scent I'm insane for. Would love dryer sheets that smell like this though o_O
  7. caffinatedangel

    Kiss Amongst Discarded Tissues

    So, fresh on skin it's the really light blend. White musk, Gardenia, Orange Rind. I think oh, this is super girly. Sniff again a moment later, and the orange rind is most certainly burnt- which I really like. It gives it this odd level of depth in one little note that intrigues me. I had no idea what Khus was (I should really look these things up first) and when I discovered it was Vetiver (which I've never liked) I was shocked. So, this Khus note is so light and barely there, I didn't even notice it. It must add a little grit, without that nose-stinging sharpness I attribute to vetiver on me. For me, this scent does a lot of stages. Started out girly, then got a little twisted. Then it got really perfumy (most lighter notes do this on me. Start out crisp and clean, then go perfume on my ass.) it wasn't entirely unpleasant, it just wasn't really a me scent. As more time goes on, the lightness vanished and was replaced by nothing but musks. Dark and gritty. I didn't think it was very masculine- just a very strong female. Overall, it was an interesting blend. Gardenia went perfume with the indian musk I assume. The burnt orange rind was probably the best part of this scent. If I see it listed elsewhere, I'm certainly giving it a try. The Khus wasn't obvious (thankfully). Oh yeah, blackberry. Didn't catch that anywhere in any of the stages. How disappointing : / So, this will be traded. But I can certainly see some people really loving this. This made me think of my grandma (not saying it's a grandmotherly scent! My grandma is quite modern) and I think she'd just love it. Maybe I'll let her try it instead of trading it :3.
  8. caffinatedangel


    So I got this as a frimp from a decant circle. I have to start out by saying I hate Vetiver. It's one of those scents I get a whiff of and go "OH HELL NO." and run away. Has ruined many amazing scents for me o_o. I also haven't liked an Ozone scent I've tried yet either. This has vetiver in it. Or something that's very similar. And Ozone. It's got that shrill upper-register of notes that singe nose hairs and make my spine hurt. However, this has a lot more depth and layers than other vetiver/ozone scents I've smelled. It does have a citrus bite in it that could, in theory, temper the vetiver. It seems pretty intriquing, and it fits the description flawlessly. It's got this bit of an herbal bite that I attribute to incense too (that makes no sense, but hey.) Overall, it's as advertised to me. I'll just be trading it because of personal tastes.
  9. caffinatedangel

    White Chocolate, Black Raspberry, and Apricot Cordial Truffle

    I would love some toner that smells like this. In the imp it's very very fruity, a creamy delicious melted down swirl candy. On skin, the chocolate sort of pimped itself out for me, but it was certainly a creamy white chocolate. If there is a note of "fake" in the scent, my mind ignores it and attributes it to the fact that white chocolate is typically fake already, so I must not notice it. The apricot tries to pop out of the chocolate every so often, like it's drowning in cream. And I really like that silent battle going on around my wrists. The raspberry however isn't as prominent to me. I think it just sort of blends in the blood-bath of apricot and chocolate and turns into a very simple berry blend. The booze notes I'm missing, however I think I may be misinterpreting it as Apricot as well. They go so well together anyways. Overall, it's certainly one I'll slather on during those chiller days when I want to smell creamy and delicious. I just got a decant (from the awesome salixnoir) but I think it should last me a good long while. I missed the chocolates last year. So I can't really compare. But I'm very happy with this scent. It's delish.
  10. caffinatedangel

    Banshee Beat

    I wanted to buy bottles and bottles of this when I simply read the description. Patchouli? I'll swim in it if you let me. Vanilla? Gods yes. Hemp? Never smelled it in an oil but I certainly don't mind my necklaces? But I restrained myself, just got one bottle. Now I regret that restraint. This scent is perfection. This is the scent I could wear every day for the rest of my life. I didn't really notice stages with this scent- it doesn't really morph or change or do anything odd on me except when I work out. The patchouli is dramatically understated on me- Depraved has been my favorite patchouli scent up until now, and that one has a BITE of patchouli I just love. This patchouli is soft and less dramatic on me. The vanilla sweetens the whole thing up, but it is most certainly a black, dark, vanilla. It doesn't get sugary sweet, it just stays this sort of lingering softness, playing perfectly with the patchouli. Now with Hemp, I've no idea what it would smell like as an oil. But I know vanilla and patchouli! So, what's left in the perfume I'm attributing to Hemp. And I think it's working flawlessly between the patchouli and vanilla to combine and unite them into one glorious scent that does not need to be dissected and analyzed. It's a combined, seamless scent that can be called only Banshee Beat. It's like a hippy that got distracted while making cookies, and ended up having sex in the kitchen, remnants of the first stages of cookie batter around. I wore this scent for about two weeks straight, every day. It got a nice build up on my coat, and now my coat may just forever smell amazing. This scent lingers a long time on me, and the throw is moderate- not overwhelming, but when people come stand by me at work they ask "Why do you smell amazing?" and so I found my perfect perfume. But of course it has to be limited. When I work out/get overstrung or hyped out, the scent takes a unique turn. It starts to smell slightly like thin mints (or close to "how doth the little crocodile") and I can not figure out why. I have noticed in the past that many perfumes can take a sort of spicey-tinge to them when I wear them (I swear bengal can claw your eyes out if I wear it in the summer when sweaty o_O) so I'm going to blame that. But even then, it just smells like a mintier version of the beauty before. This scent gets 5 stars from me. For being a perfect blend (I never notice one scent overpowering the others), for staying a long time (never need to reapply, and sometimes the next morning my wrists still smell hippily-sweet), and for having that perfect throw-range. I think I'll have to stalk the forums to find the bottles from those people this didn't go so hot with. tl;dr - AMAZING SCENT, and the description fits it to a tee. Get, try, adore. Assuming you like these kind of scents.
  11. caffinatedangel


    Since I'm so epically slow, my swap threads get killed a lot . So this is for me, and anyone else nosey. Feel free to PM me about anything in here! Just note I do sometimes drift off to the real world for weeks at a time and vanish from the internet entirely P: I only trade Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab things. I'd be willing to accept BPTP perhaps, but I haven't began dabbling in that yet (cause omg, BPAL has me addicted enough). Everything I have I've received directly from the lab, or from users on this forum. What do I want for trades? I actually want any scent I haven't tried, even if it isn't a note I think I'd like. I'd also like to swap LE for LEs, GC for GC, or 2 GC for an LE, 5 imps for a bottle, etc. It makes me feel better. Condition of imps? I suck royally at telling how low my oils are. All have enough to test, and most I'm trading have only been tested by me once or twice. Depending on where I got it from (lab fresh, or tested from others first) the oil level will vary. If you have any tips on figure out the oil level, I'd love to hear it. I'm clueless on that front. Ask, and I'll find out more details for you. GC Imps Old Scratch Yew Trees Shattered - Worn label Limited Imps (rare/DC/unimpable/etcetc) Diabolical Offspring Zombie Apocalypse Creature Feature Illustrated Woman Clemence
  12. caffinatedangel


    This is a lot like Bengal, from the wanderlust line. It just glows that sexy honey, for me. With a sort of spicey vibe. It's different from bengal in that Hetairae has more herbal elements to it. I was afraid that this "blushing touch of ylang ylang" would turn into floral babypowder on me, but it never did! It just added this slight lighter feel at the beginning than is in bengal. The patchouli also dirties it up in the perfect pleasing way. Of course, I adore patchouli, so search it out and roll in it. Overall this is an incredible blend. So very very much like bengal on my skin, but just a touch earthier so makes it that much better. Going on my bottle wishlist, for sure. Has a strong throw (as in I smell it everywhere I go all day, and even get a few head-turns and compliments. But not so strong as to make people suffocate when I stand near them. ) and has amazing endurance. I've realized that honey is beautiful on me, and it lingers until morning. The boytoy also had very, very good things to say about it.
  13. caffinatedangel

    Dragon's Heart

    This was predominantly "dragon's blood" on me, like the other scents with this. But it was sweetened up just a touch, at first. But then the musks ground it again. It's warm, and I found it quite beautiful, but it wasn't especially remarkable. I could see a lot of people loving this scent as an everyday scent. It easily could just become a part of you. It fit the name, of course. Yet I thought more of a pulse, like a vein exposed. Anyways, it had really lovely throw. It did verge on something sweet, like vanilla, but I think it was just the fig with the other notes. It was pleasant, and it lasted all day. Just not a personal favorite, but nothing at all wrong with the scent. ^^
  14. caffinatedangel


    Huh. To start off, it's a floral. Not a gross jasmine floral (gross to me, at least) but just a nice floral- I guess the sweet pea. The sage keeps it from being too girly in my opinion. But that's about it for a while. The musk lingers around and toys, but isn't a predominant note or anything. It's unremarkable. Then on the drydown, there's this lapse where it just vanishes entirely. Yet hours later, the tonka peaks up and I'm left with almost entirely just Tonka (a sweet, spicey, slightly nutty vanilla going on) which I adore. But, to get here was more boring than I'd hoped. As usual, I wake up the next morning with tonka still on my wrist
  15. caffinatedangel

    Zombie Apocalypse

    I feel like something went very very wrong with my decant of this. Or my skin. or something hormonal going on? i'll be trying it again in a few weeks just to see. But as of now... In this imp this was hardcore strawberry jelly, and cream, and I was in heaven. SO looked forward to trying it on. So when i did, I was in denial about this sharp, acidic, overly sweet grossness that attacked me. So I'd sniff my wrist- and on sniffing it there's this caramel, soft vanillaish, beautiful scent. But when I sit back a moment, some light note hits me in the face and makes me ill. Even today, I think about ZA and get queasy. o_o Which has never, ever happened before to me. Something in this just sort of sparks that gag-reflex for me. You know, like... when you see someone hurl, and you want to. THAT. And it was disturbing because under that one bad note, was a delicious scent. I dunno what happened. I'm... so uber depressed. Gag. Will try again in a few weeks but it's not looking good ;_;. Had AMAZING throw on me, and lasted through wash after wash as I was trying not to get ill. I'll just... sniff the imp. Maybe try a scent locket.