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  1. LadyKitsu

    Dilution and Carrier Oils

    I came across the Avacado being listed as "thick", but didn't know how "unscented" that was. I didn't think Vit. Cottage would appreciate me running testers on all their stuff I NEVER thought of using Vit E! I can experiment with one of the GC with Scherezade since it's one that tends to leak out...and I have a 10ml of it Definatly want to experiment before using it on something LE <laughs> I'll look into Jojoba also, all the stuff I've seen is a rather thin oil (so they might dilute it with something)...who knows . I keep the thin jojoba around and LOVE it though for other stuff. The type I normally buy has no scent so as a dilution oil for BPAL (like if you want to make an after shower oil or massage oil) it works GREAT! Dosn't make you feel like a greased pig either Thanks for the help so far, if ya'll have any other ideas though I'd still LOVE to hear them Laura
  2. LadyKitsu

    Dilution and Carrier Oils

    I'm having a problem. I would like to try and find (if possible) a carrier oil that is reasonably unscented but THICK. I love using the 1ml rollerballs so I can keep them in my purse but there are just a handful of scents that the oils are thin enough that they tend to seep out around the caps. I would like to find something that is either unscented or has very little scent so I could add 1 or 2 drops to those imps that needed it to keep them from leaking....that's the idea anyway. Does anyone know enough about carrier oils to have an idea? Most of the ones I've been able to find are either unscented but too thin or heavy and stinky I would love any ideas that people might have that have more experiance in carrier oils and the likes. Thanks! Laura
  3. LadyKitsu

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Hey! You stole my line From bengal I get a Honey + spice...litterally spices. Like the spice Isle from the grocery store, where you smell the ginger, pepper and lots of other things....Plus a warm honey smell on top. O - the honey was way overpowered by vanilla and "sweet" Honey Moon - Lots of Honey + Heavy Jasmine. If you don't like Jasmine you might not like it. I think the result ends up smelling like Honeysuckle...but again...the jasmine is very strong!!! Queen of Sheba - yeah...the honey was overpowered by almonds - sweet almonds like marzapan Okay...that's it
  4. LadyKitsu

    Snake Charmer

    I too am in love! This is everthing I thought Snake Oil would be...but better! As others have mentioned...if you've tried Snake Oil and 1) you get powder and/or 2) you get play doh...then try this. I've had the same problems with Snake oil and *never* yet had the problem with Snake Charmer. I get a very warm & smooth spicy, sexy, sweet smell with a touch of musk when I first put it on. Vanilla tends to amp on me big time, but there was *just* enough to balance the spice & musk but not so much that my skin went to town with it. I never really smelled something I could define as "coconut", but I'm sure it's in the background somewhere helping to give it a sweetness. It seems to have a great staying power, and I think it's light enough to wear daily, but still gives a touch of sexy goodness at the same time.
  5. LadyKitsu

    Thirteen (13)

    I finally got my hands on some...it sounded so absolutly great! I've found though...chocolate and me is not a match made in heaven....but holy crap...the orange/tangerine is to die for. It smells smooth and tangerine/chocolate in the bottle and wet. The chocolate gets really dominant at first on me...then the tangerine/orange takes over...unfortunatly it dosnt mask the chocolate nearly enough and since the chocolate is *not* my friend...13 is not for me <sigh> I don't smell any other of the balancing notes in there, but I know they are there because the purfume has a nice body to it, but I can't really pick anything out past the chocolate and orange/tangerine.
  6. LadyKitsu


    I'm so glad I tried this one...finally This is another one that smells exactly like the description. Wet and durning drydown...it reminds me of sitting in the middle of a piney forest. It would be a great home scent (especially around the holidays - but that's the fir). It would also be good for relaxation (it's the hole sitting in the middle of the forest I guess ) Anyway, I don't think I'll wear it alot, but I probably will use it up as a home scent Edited to add....Holy carp...this stuff has some staying power. Just got finished with my 1 hour excercise and it's still there and pretty durn strong.
  7. LadyKitsu


    Wet - woah! It's a berry farm...fat and juicy berries everywhere On - In your face berries! after about 30 minutes the other players start to come out. The berry burns fast on me and after about 1 hour the purfume settles down. I get a light musk - slightly sweet berry - tea smell. good overall, but I probably won't wear it that much. I like it, but my husband hates it.
  8. LadyKitsu


    Hrm...in the bottle and on me....a masculine scent Not in your face manly musk like Geek <grins> but something that is borderline on the masculine side. It's a very "light" musk...I could see a guy wearing this in spring. With the right chemistry I can definatly see some women wearing this also. I can get a hint of floral and green with alot of the white musk. I definatly wish my husband wore purfume
  9. LadyKitsu

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Yeah...I was so crushed I'm not a foodie type of person <chuckles>
  10. LadyKitsu

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    So...I just had my first run in with the differant smell thing.... I just purchased my second partial bottle of Shub (because my husband loves it...damn him). It does not smell anything like the first one...at all! But...both of them sound like they are lab direct based on all the reviews I was reading (both people I purchased from swore they got them from the lab directly). One bottle smells like fresh ginger ....the other smells like gingerbread. Anyone run into that before?
  11. LadyKitsu

    Spice me, baby! The spiciest BPAL blends

    I am also a lover of Scherezade...it's my all time fav still. I havn't found anything *super* similar, but I have found some other spicy or dark sexy ones that I love. Bengal - great for a "daytime" spicy very light and not really anything like Scherezade except for that spice...but give it a shot! Mme Moriarty - give it a go...it didn't rock my world, but it was a good scent Sin & Wolf's Heart - both of these are darker on the sexy scale...closer to Scherezade in the "dark" scale, neither had that "spice" to it. The Lion - another lighter "spice" scent that I find a good "daytime" scent Dragon's Musk - all darkly musk love - If you didn't like Wolf's Heart, you probably won't like this one...to me they are very similar High Priest Not To Be Described - I tried it at a swap meet, I remember liking it alot and I'm still trying to get my own Bewitched - not musky or dark...but a good fruity one to try Silk Road, Morocco, Samhain 06 and Devils Night...pretty much anything else mentioned here I'd give a try. Good to find out what works or dosn't <laughs>
  12. LadyKitsu


    I don't get much in the way of the musk...which is sad, because I do love the musk. What I get is a soft woody smell...as others mentioned, it's very similar to Anne Bonny in that "wood" scent type smell. To me...it smells alot like fresh cedar wood...I get a little of the leather scent after about 30 min. Overall...I'll wear it, but not all the time. P.S. Totally un-related, but it layers great with Buck Moon & Samhain!
  13. LadyKitsu

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    Magus, toymaker, and Godfather to Klara. An enigmatic man, seemingly somewhat sinister, but bearing a gentle air and a sincere love for children. This scent is dignified, refined, but dark, and hints towards esoteric mysteries and the secrets that tie mechanics to magick. Pipe smoke, sweet leather, woods and linen. Hrm....I wanted to love this....but ick. When I put it on I got this funky sweet smell...it took me a few sniffs to try and figgure out what it was. It smells like a poor quality sweet pipe tobacco. I remember the smell because my grandpa used to smoke pipes when I was a kid, and every once in a while he got some nasty cheap tobacco because the store ran out of his good stuff. It definatly has a maple type quality to it...not exactly...but pretty durn close. I get no smokieness...no leather...no wood Oh well
  14. LadyKitsu

    Gift Certificates?

    Has anyone heard of such a thing? Would anyone buy them for friends or family to help enable the masses? (that way you are not having to be the middle man for their orders - they can just order directly) Do you think it's a good idea...or too much of a pain for the lab to keep track of? Personally...I'd be the first in line...I am working on enabling my sister and niece and would love a sneaky way to get them to buy from the lab
  15. LadyKitsu

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    That's it! I am just trying this today as it just got to me in the mail yesterday. I keep smelling a fruity/musky/something smell. The "black tea" smell is a perfect way to describe it! To me it smells like black tea with a touch of fruit and musk. I'm going to use up my imp to see how I like it long term, but I'm leaning towards liking it