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  1. An almost ridiculously adorable scent. I'm a little hesitant to write this review because I want to buy about elebenty more bottles and have a hoard of them for life! All mine! None for you! (Just kidding, I'll leave you a FEW bottles...teehee!) Sugar Plum and Vanilla Bean Atmosphere Spray is absolutely AMAZING. It's sweet, with an almost candy like quality, but not cloyingly sweet at all. It's got that creamy vanilla backing the candy-like sugar plum, so it has a soothing quality as well. I just spritzed my entire house before bedtime and it is sheer HEAVEN. I'm going to have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head tonight It is very slightly reminiscent to my nose of something. I'd say it is allllmost in the Candy Phoenix realm, but more purple if that makes sense? More plummy and vanillic than Candy Phoenix. This is just SO freaking good. It will be the perfect scent for my daughters room. I haven't spritzed it in there yet, but my girls are going to flip for it. Thank you for such a splendid holiday atmosphere spray, Puddin'! My home is going to smell so lovely and sweet all season long! Please bring this back every year? <3 ETA: I just spritzed this again and realized what that plummy note reminds me of. This is totally closer to Bordello than Candy Phoenix. I don't have any other scents with the sugar plum note, so that's the closest thing I can compare it to. I ADORE Bordello, so no wonder I'm madly in love with this!
  2. sammy


    Omggggg. I FINALLY got my hands on a bottle of Silkybat! Once upon a time I had a decant of the hair gloss, and it was long gone. I had missed it so, but always missed out since bottles flew so fast when bottles were stocked on the website. Thanks to a good friend and wonderful forumite, my Silkybat dream has come true and I now own a bottle. <3 It is SO FREAKING AMAZING. To my nose, it's an almost caramelized spun sugar with the most gorgeous patchouli underneath. I'm in Looooooove. This is going to get so much wear this Autumn and Winter. It's wonderfully cozy and unlike anything else I own. It ticks both the gourmand and earthy patchouli boxes, which is so unique. It's utterly huffable. Silkybat is full of major win.
  3. sammy


    I can't get enough of Insects. I was initially drawn to the notes in Black Moths and was going to blind buy a bottle of that when I got a decant of Insects in a swap. And Wow, how it wowed me instantly. I knew I had to purchase a bottle ASAP (and I did, along with Shadow in the Elevator). Insects is like no other patch blend I own. It isn't dirty patchouli (Shadow in the Elevator smells like Insects Black Patchouli sister to my nose, similar yet still very different), but it isn't clean or bright smelling, either. There's something here that I can't exactly identify which makes this all at once sexy, fierce, gorgeous, huffable, earthy, slightly sweet (the fruit probably lends a hand here) but not cloying. It isn't overtly fruity, for you fruity fearing friends o' mine. This scent has become my Crimson Peak Streets of Detroit (that is my most favorite of the OLLAs). Something dark, dangerous and deliciously amazing. A scent that I can't stop slathering. I love it so much so that I quickly purchased a backup bottle. ETA on 5/27 wearing it more and reading a bit about opoponax, it may be really one of the shining stars in this blend, the thing that gives it the sweet resin like quality which isn't coming from just the fruit. There's something else other than the patchouli that I couldn't put my finger on, I'd smelled it before but couldn't remember in which blends. It may very well be that and it is glorious. I haven't been able to stop wearing it. ETA one more thing...I just read neroli is also sweet and honeyed so that may also be lending a somewhat honeyed sort of vibe to the blend but ahhhh it's just so goooood. Get thee some!
  4. sammy


    This is all resin and sweet incense heaven. I don't get a lot of the florals at all, they're just faintly in the background once it completely dries down. I've tested this about three times now and decided I must have a big bottle. This was a surprise winner for me....I was frimped it in a package from a forumite and I tried it on a whim not knowing what to expect. What a wonderful, delightful surprise!
  5. sammy

    Lacus Oblivionis

    I just got this in the mail and couldn't wait to let it settle before I put some on, so this is reviewed right out of the mailbox. Holy WOW. This is THE most perfect lavender resin-y blend EVER. I'm ecstatic I have a second bottle on the way. I may need a third (possibly a fourth?!). Lacus Oblivionis is definitely going to be my most reached for sleep and relaxation blend and I will need to have it ALWAYS! Right out of the bottle it is all wonderful herbal lavender. As it dries down the frankincense, patch and amber become present and lend a wonderful warmth to the blend. I'm not getting a lot of sweetness from the fig right now, but some aging may change things up a bit. Spectacular. I can't find enough adjectives to express how much I love this... Beth has blown me away again. ETA- I keep huffing this and thinking that Beth created THE perfect lavender scent. It's the right balance of the wonderful herbal lavender I love and pretty much every other note I love. :huffhuffhuff:
  6. sammy


    Ahhhh!!! I cannot stop smelling my arm. This stuff is AMAZING! I've had an imp lying around for awhile and decided to give it a test run. I'm so thrilled that I finally did because it knocked my socks off and I've already ordered a big bottle. It starts out slightly smoky and woodsy, all champaca and sandalwood. As it dries down the orange blossom comes into play and rounds the scent out, sweetening it up a bit. This will be a fabulous scent in the spring and summer when I want an incense-y, heady blend since it also has the exotic floral note which I feel lightens it up. This is a sexy, feminine feeling fragrance. I'm in love.
  7. sammy


    Recently I noticed that a couple of my favorite BPAL blends had frankincense in common...Hope and Fear Set Free and Om Gam Ganyapataye Namaha. I knew I had to track down a bottle of Olibanum Single Note and I got incredibly lucky when I was able to arrange a swap with a lovely forumite for one. Olibanum SN is very similar to the frankincense note in those blends. As a single note there is a slightly woody and a smoky characteristic that really stands out, as others have mentioned. It's resin-y and so spectacular. Someone else suggested wand capping this and that is exactly what I did because it does indeed have a sap-like consistency. I've worn it by itself and will continue to, it is really amazing by itself. I have used it to deepen the frankincense notes in Om Gam and Hope and Fear Set Free. It's wonderful for tweaking things when I want a bit more frankincense. It will be a lot of fun layering with this single note. I may eventually need to track down a backup!
  8. sammy

    A Lady Tall and White

    A Lady Tall and White starts out with a blast of the frost accord, as AEris and Bluestblood mention above. It's a chilly mint note that pretty much takes over the entire scent. Then, as soon as the scent hits my skin and begins to dry down the magic happens. The frost accord almost completely fades and I'm left with a beautiful sugared vanilla and the barest breath of sandalwood. This scent truly evokes winter. The sugared vanilla note lasted for quite a few hours, amazing considering my skin can eat scent. I did test this right out of the mailbox, so once it settles I may have some things to add. It's pretty damn amazing right now and if it gets even better than this, it's going to knock my socks off.
  9. sammy

    Penny Dreadful

    This was a total surprise. I expected dirt and instead I got spice and incense. Maybe the barest hint of that "perfume-y" note but mostly all spices and warmth and yummmm! YES! Ginger, maybe some sandalwood, maybe a bit of clove? It's tough to pick out the exact notes. Penny Dreadful is a wonderful cozy cold weather scent, totally appropriate for snuggling up at home in your favorite blanket. It's also got that beautiful sexy exotic spicy vibe, so it would also totally rock for a night out with a sexy outfit. A total winner. I see a 5 ml. in my future! ETA: As it dries down even further, it has become a bit more sexy, mature perfume-y but still has the spice notes present. I really don't get loam or dirt at any point. I'll retest another day and change my review if it is any different.
  10. sammy

    Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

    I wasn't sure I was going to love this. Rose can be an iffy note which I amp,the sage also worried me just a bit, not sure why... My decant arrived and I fell head over heels in love. Mad love. I slathered this so often that my decant was quickly used and I had to order a bottle. I'm kicking myself for not ordering ten bottles. This is mostly wonderful frankincense with a bit of soft rose and a touch of the sage and sandalwood to my nose. It is the most fabulous grounding, aromatherapeutic scent. It's wonderful when I feel stressed or anxious. I sometimes wear it as a bedtime scent, it has that much of a calming effect. Beth has truly created something fabulous here. It is a true meditative, centering, calming blend. This blend is hoard worthy, in my opinion. I'm afraid to ever be without it. Lilith meditating on the label is a huge bonus ETA: I totally agree with joyfulgirl. This frankincense in Om Gam is totally a dead ringer for the one in Hope and Fear Set Free, which is probably why I adore this so much. H&FSF is one of my all time favorite BPALs. Om Gam is also becoming an all time favorite.
  11. sammy

    Visions of Autumn III

    I'm going to say it. This is Banshee Beat Lite. I get all patchouli, all the time, but it is slightly tempered by the sweetness of the vanilla and honey, which are not major players, they are just there in the background. The vanilla and honey just serve to take the "dirty" sort of edge off the patch for me, making this utterly amazing, perfect patchouli. I don't get the cinnamon at all. It's ok, because since I've slathered it my nose has not left my arm. I'm addicted. This is the good stuff.
  12. sammy

    Sweet Potato Musk

    I'm going to preface this review by saying I'm not a big foody scent gal. Sweet Potato Musk, on the other hand is a whole 'nother kind of foody! It's not butter-y, which I personally like. Buttery notes tend to turn cloying and get to be too much for me. Not this. The initial sweet potato pie/casserole scent dries down to a slightly sweet,spicy, warm scent that's TOTALLY wearable. Noone would smell it and think "where's that sweet potato casserole cooking?" Lol! This is your holiday-in-a-bottle, cozy, warm sweater type scent. So good and I'm thrilled I have a bottle! (Much love to my faery for picking this up for me! I'm so glad I was able to donate to such a good cause. Beth, Ted, Brian and the rest of the Lab...you rock for being so generous!) P.S. I keep thinking this is also slightly reminiscent of Peanut Musk which I have a tester of and need to test against each other. I'll edit once I do that.
  13. sammy

    Snake Oil Hair Gloss

    I am ECSTATIC that I went for it and grabbed a bottle of Snake Oil Hair Gloss while Snake Oil was out of stock at the Lab. This Snake Oil goes to 11. It is some seriously amazing stuff, folks. I *liked* Snake Oil perfume before, but the Hair gloss pushed me over the edge into major Snake Oil fandom. I get it now. It's like the aged stuff, but better. Potent. Just knocked my socks off. I am dead serious, it is absolutely money well spent. All of you Snake Oil fans out there NEED THIS NOW. Those of you who aren't Snake Oil fans yet, this will turn you into one. Trust me.
  14. sammy

    Eat Me Hair Gloss

    I recently fell head over heels for Eat Me and knew I had to have the gloss. I was a total jerk and didn't order elebenty bottles of it when it was in stock at the Post, so I've been hunting it down like a loony everywhere. This stuff is seriously amazing. It's so good, I'm considering begging Puddin' to see if he will make it a GC hair gloss. Huh, Puddin'? Whaddya say? Please? Pretty please?
  15. sammy

    A Moment in Time

    I have to say, before I ordered, the one note that I was the teensiest bit worried about was the Tiare since I can amp certain florals to high heaven. Not in this. I get the lavendar, some sandalwood, maybe the fig,with the sweetness of the bourbon vanilla. Ted blended this so beautifully that nothing stomps on anything else. It doesn't really do much morphing, maybe after an hour I'm getting a bit more of an earthiness, perhaps some of the patchouli coming into play? I'm not a huge patchouli-heavy scent wearer and this not heavy on the patchouli at all, so patchouli haters, never fear! In fact, I have it on as a bedtime scent, and purchased it hoping that it would be good for that purpose. It is, indeed. Beautiful job, Puddin'! This may be hoard worthy! ETA: It's 7+ hours after I put this on, and I have woken up with the scent still lingering. It is softer and close to the skin, but still there. I don't have very many oils that hang on that long, usually my skin eats things. This has some really good staying power.
  16. sammy

    Hope and Fear Set Free

    This has become one of my top fave BPALs of all time. I absolutely can smell where the comparison to LUSH's American Cream would come in here. When first applied, it is a bit more sharp to my nose (not sure why it smells sharp,that's the only adjective I can use here),but quickly morphs into a creamy, sweet but not foody, absolutely slatherable scent. I have had a hard time reaching for my other precious lately, I have been so addicted to the stuff. I even grabbed a backup bottle from the lovely forumite who sold me the first bottle, I am so in fear of being without this scent! I love it as a bedtime scent,as well. It is creamy,dreamy,yet still has that resin-y edge. SO. GOOD.
  17. sammy


    On me, Eve is all incense with something dusty behind it. It evokes the memory of sitting in an old room full of books, with that almost musty, yet wonderful smell that surrounds you. Now, imagine that room also filled with the most beautiful, somewhat floral incense. This is what I smell when I wear Eve. Eve is not rose-y in the least. I tend to amp rose and it can trigger a migraine, but I get none of that with this at all. If you've had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Only Lovers Left Alive, Beth has captured Eve, her surroundings, and what I imagined her life to have been like SO perfectly in this scent. Truly amazing! ETA: Wore this again, and I could detect some rose, but again, Eve does not scream ROSE in your face. This is a rose I can wear and adore.
  18. sammy

    Streets of Detroit

    There really isn't much that I can add to the reviews above. They've all hit the nail right on the head. Adjectives like gritty,dark,dangerous,sexy...they all apply to Streets of Detroit. When first applied, I get that hit of motor oil. You'd think it would be unpleasant, being that it's motor oil, but it isn't in the slightest. If anything, I wish that motor oil stage would last just a touch longer on me. It dries down to the most wonderful incense-y, huffable, addictive scent EVER. Truly. Streets of Detroit ROCKS. Get thee to the Lab site at once and order a bottle before it is gone forever or you will be a very sad person. Trust me on this.
  19. sammy


    I just got this as a frimp with my Lilith blends and OMG!! How did I not try this before? MUST get a big bottle of this as it will be a staple for me. The patchouli and musk stand out in this blend and are just divine and totally sexy!!! LOVE it and am So happy this is a GC!!!!! ETA- I've been reading through the reviews of this and find it SO funny that alot of people associate this scent with headshops and hippies..because that is SO me! No wonder I love this scent... I walk into a headshop and think its the most divine smell ever...
  20. sammy

    Devil's Night

    Well damnit. I didn't want to like any more of the 'Weenies,but this is a freakin winnner. MMMMMM!! It turns spicy and SO lovely on me. I think I may need to seek out a bottle or two...
  21. sammy


    Oh my word. I don't think there are enough words to describe the awesomeness that is Hellion. Resin-y,incense-y,plummy HEAVEN in a bottle!!!!!!!!! I can't stop slathering myself in it. Thank goodness I scored a 10 ml!!! ETA- I have come to realize that I looooove champaca. I think that note in Hellion is one of the reasons I lurve it so much The champaca in this is just amazing. I have also recently been wearing Temple Viper often,another blend with champaca that I truly adore... Mmmmmmm!
  22. sammy

    Mircalla, Countess Karnstein

    OK,this is a strange one for me! In the bottle it smells OMG amazing. Wet on the skin,I initially smell the musk and spices.Particularly the spicey clove,and really like it. A previous poster likened it to Red Hots, and I totally get that... But then as it dries down I find that I completely amp the orchid and herbs. The herbs have a very sharp smell on my skin,while the orchid turns very perfumey on me. DARN! It bums me out,since this had such promise in the bottle,and I can tell it is probably amazing on someone else with different skin chemistry! So I will let this settle and age a bit and give it a try again.
  23. sammy

    Death Adder

    Vetiver,vetiver,vetiver..how I love thee!!!!! Death Adder is my new obsession. I want to slather it from head to toe. It is pure heaven in a bottle!! And to the previous poster who mentioned Skinny Dip/trichomania as a good compliment for Death Adder,you were SO right on! My favorite layering technique right now is Skinny Dip buttercream with Death Adder. Vetiver heaven.
  24. sammy

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    ::::covering eyes::::: I want them ALL just for the labels!!! They're SO great this year!!
  25. sammy

    Lamia v3

    Oh my. I was given a partial imp of this to try..and WOW. Spicey,sweet,warm and very exotic are all things that come to mind about it. I am terrible at picking out notes,but I definitely detect cinnamon and cloves,maybe some honey too.. This is sheer heaven and I must find some more. ETA- As it dried down,it reminded me alot of Obsession for Men,which I have always loved..and even worn myself...yummmm!!!!!!! After about 2 hours of wear it is almost gone,but thats a decent amount of wear time for me as things tend to get eaten by my skin...