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  1. purely_cosmetic

    Kweku Anansi

    I had no idea this was a pre release! lol. I like this scent, although I wouldnt wear it myself....at the moment. <p>In the vial I found ti to be very very dark, and heavily woody, in a wet sort of way, with perhaps the slightest hint of herbs. <p>On the skin, the black pepper is coming through very strongly, and smells lovely! It's a very strong scent, I only have the merest drop on and I can smell it very clearly - I can imagine it being easy to overdose on this scent f you're not careful. <p>To my disappointment, as the scent warms the black pepper is becomming more of a background note to the herbs - it's becomming quite "green" although the pepper is stil strong enough to give it some grounding. <p>I will be very interested to see how this scent progresses.
  2. purely_cosmetic

    Miskatonic University

    HMM YUMO. In the bottle this smells like very buttery coffee - and seesm to have the same sugar note that's present in sugar skull, as there is a definate similarity. On the skin, the first stage is my favourite by far. Hazelnut coffee. With a tiny bit of cream. As it progresses, the "dusty" note comes out a bit, and the wood adds depth, but something goes ever so slightly "plasticy" on me for a while...however, afer an hour the original hazelnut coffee comes back but just much more faded.I love this! What makes it even better is that I feel like utter crap today, so it's wonderful to have a nice comforting smell like this!
  3. purely_cosmetic


    In the bottle this smells like quite a sweet floral - very nice! I can't detect very much lily at all, so it must be the other florals which are dominant. On my skin this quickly loses it's sweetness and becomes a much drier scent, but it's still lovely. In fact, it smells very much like soap, but in the best possible way. I could imagine in the heat of summer, getting out of the shower, and putting a load of this on so I smell clean and fresh for the rest of the day...or at least I could if.... I wasn't hideously allergic to it! I have no idea what's in this thing, but it made my skin start to burn after a few minutes, and I got a red rash!!!
  4. purely_cosmetic

    Midwinter's Eve

    I think I was expecting this to be a bit...richer, although Im not sure why. In the vial it smells like light plums, and once I put it on the skin it changes very quickly into a cherry/plum "kool aid" smell which is odd, but not unpleasant. I can't smell any sugar in it, but I think the lightness might be what consitutes as sugar. This fades on me very quickly, although I do like it. It smells so similar to bordello - it's very much like a watered down version of that with an extra sugar kick to get it that extra bit "sweet" Im not sure how to describe the sweetness. As I said, it doesn't smell of sugar, but it smells sugary. In the same way that jailbait doesnt smell of sugar, but still smells sugary. If bordello is a bit heavy for you, (asit was for me) then this is perfect for you. I'm glad I have a bottle of this on its way.
  5. Golden Priapus has always got me alot of compliments, and Bordello is wonderful too.
  6. purely_cosmetic

    Chaste Moon 2005

    Tried by courtesy of Laura... In the bottle: This smells incredibly buttery with a bit of butterscoth...I first sniffed it and thought it was the lighter love child of Jack and Grog, but not as sickly. When I first put it on, it turned almost immediately to a pretty floral scent, with the butter turning creamy, and less rich. It stayed like this for quite a while and as pleasant enough, but nothing that grabbed me... HOWEVER, a few hours later, I sniffed my wrist and the floral smell had faded significently, and in it's place was a creamy vanilla wonderous smell of JOY! I can still smell this....almost seven hours later, and although it's faded, it's still there. Still warm subtle vanilla and creamyness - a bit like antique lace, but not as "clean" smelling. If I wasn't already hooked on too many bloody LE's I would be hunting this down!
  7. purely_cosmetic

    Snake Oil

    From what I had heard about snake oil, I was expecting something screamingly sweet and vanillaish. Instead, I got snake oil, lol. In the bottle I smell really deep spices, which smell slightly "burnt" as someone else said. This is how I imagine "old spice" to smell like quite frankly. On the skin the spices become hugely powerful, and make me feel a bit sick, but I can begin to detect the vanilla underneath. As it warms up on my skin I get stronger whiffs of vanilla, but the horrible "old man" spice smell is still lingering, taunting me. There is something incensey about it, which I loathe, as I can't stand incense!! In total opposition to most other people out there, I would argue that this is the MASCULINE version of Golden Priapus, rather than the other way round. If you like dark deep spice smells then I'd get this - if you're looking for something sweet, then Id steer clear.
  8. purely_cosmetic

    Dead Man's Hand

    Pook got a couple of bottles of this so sure she was that she would love it... In the bottle it smells EXACTLY like.....new shoes. It's not a bad smell, in fact , it INCREDIBLE the way it smells exactly like real suede and leather. If you want to know what this smells like without buying some, ask to try on some new suede and leather boots at your nearest good quality shoe store. And smell the shoes! Its nice, but I dont want to smell of shoes!
  9. purely_cosmetic

    Egg Nog

    In the bottle this smells to me very creamy, with quite heavy butterscotch undertones, and yes, the booze notes beneath that. On my skin, the booze fades very quickly, and a stronger vanilla scent comes out. After a while this does take on a "plasticy" synthetic smell, but it reminds me of playing with my plastic toys when I was younger, so its not a smell Ifind unpleasant at all. It might just be me, but I didnt smell too huge a difference betwen this and my single note vanilla - I might just have amped up the vanilla in the egg nog I guess! I like egg nog, its quite light, but also rich at the same time...I managed to aquire a bottle, so Im very happy! EDIT: my bottle is much much creamier than my imp, and is truly gorgeous!! One of my very favourites!
  10. purely_cosmetic


    I wouldn't worry about it miss, as when Pooky tried on my spooky it went very much the same on her as it did on you! We couldn't believe how HORRIBLE it smelt on her! Your comparison to mouldy cardboard is very close I think!! Luckily I had better luck! I have two bottle of this - one is more minty in the bottle, and the other is more creamy. On first sniff I can smell the crisp mint which is warmed by the creamyness of the coconut - there is a definite chocolate aspect to it but it is quite faint. The first thing that came into mind when I smelt this was that it smells JUST like mint chocolate chip ice cream - lovely! When I first put it on, the mint and the coconut are the most prominant notes, and it stays like this for a good fifteen minutes or so. Very gradually as it dries down, the mint calms down a bit, and lets the coconut really shine. It does goes through a very weird "plasticy" stage which is reminisent of what snow white does on me, but after that it dries to a really warm powdery chocolate smell, HMMMM. If I could summarize this in a few stages it would be: Bottle: mint chocolate chip ice cream skin: Minty coconut drier: creamy coconut oddness! final: hot chocolate powder. The difference of what this did on laura and I is amazing, possible the biggest difference we've ever sniffed!
  11. purely_cosmetic

    The Dormouse

    I tried this one again last night when I visited the Pook. At first when I put it on it smelt like strong tea, (I'm not sure why!) but ti was quite biting and crisp - slowly it began to mellow outinto a really lovely refreshing warm, but clean smell which I loved. UNTIL Laura pointed out that it smelt like shampoo. It was true! It's not a bad smell - a good shampoo smell - but that was exactly what it was. After that I just couldn't get passed the shampoo association, and so the excitement was gone.
  12. purely_cosmetic

    I need more Cherry!

    Hearth. Extrememly almondy on me, with a good helping of cherry. You can just abnout smell the brandy as well, but that wasnt overpowering on me.
  13. purely_cosmetic


    I was lucky enough to be able to try out Pookstrell's bottle of this, and I LOVE it! It's not a scent I would have picked, because it doesnt sound very "me" but the sweetness of the cherries just gives it that sweet edge I like! In the vial this smells - as people have said - like glazed cherries. I like it quite a bit. When it first goes on it turns into..... CHERRY BAKEWELL TARTS!! Oh my god, how much do I wish I could eat one of them right now...HMMM...anyway... I LOVE this stage, it's really sweet and foody and yummy and great. There was also a weird antiseptic edge to this for a while, which after the cake stage. Luckily, it faded. After a while, the smoke becomes very dominant - it's not quite as fag smoke as de sade, so I guess the fireplace smoke softens it a bit - but the cherries are still definately in the background. This smells how I imagine cherry tobacco to smell when it's dry. I hate smoking, but I LOVE Hearth!! It's quite heavy for the day, but I think it would be great for slightly busy environments. Id be worried about wearing it to the pub, in case it picks up the smoke from there, and it loses the cherry. Pookstrell thinks this smells like hot car upholstery. I'm sure she'll explain why!!!!
  14. purely_cosmetic


    In the vial, to me this smells like pure lavender - I agreewith the comparison to Angels on bare faces, but this seems less.....overpowering than that. I imagine this is what my room would smell like if I got lavender everywhere! lol If you like lavender, this is a must! I dont have time to try it on the skin now, (im covered in tigerlily!) but I will update later
  15. purely_cosmetic

    Sugar Cookie

    Hmmm. I was expecting something utterly different. To me, when I smelt this in the bottle, it smelt like a weaker version of Gingerbread Poppet, with some clove in it. Undeterred, I put it on, and for couple of minutes, it was quite nice. But then it just turned to clove. I dont even know if this has clove in it, but a while ago someone sent me an imp of "sweet clove" and it smelt exactly like this. Highly disappointed I have to say. It seems like I havnt had much luck at all with the LE's so far.