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  1. Thanatopsis Azraelis

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    One of my favorite scents just got discontinued, and I was wondering if there were any other BPAL scents that smelled similar to it. Or, if I liked Allegory, I should also try [scent x]. I just put in my order for a 10 ML
  2. Thanatopsis Azraelis

    Where is this scent?

    Couldn't be Typhon, that one's brownish-red and very dark.
  3. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    This is like a lighter version of Czernobog at first -- the juniper makes it lighter and greener. Unfortunately, from there it just gets progressively dustier until it smells like...well, dirt. And not in a good way. The beginning is nice enough, but the drydown is just that -- far too dry.
  4. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    Alright. I have no idea what note it is, but one of these resins is vaguely wet and sweet, and it stands above all the others the entire time I wear this scent. I'm pretty sure this same note was the one that made me like Antony so much, too. In any case, I've only been in a Catholic church twice, and I didn't smell any incense burning while I was there, so there's no churchy memories attached to this for me. To me it's just a nice, smooth, resiny scent with an undertone of incense, and as I happen to love the smell of incense, I also love Cathedral. I think I'm one of the few who actually likes this as a scent to wear, and not burn.
  5. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    This one smells almost exactly like Old Rome to me, but I guess you could imagine they'd smell similar. The difference, however, is that while Old Rome is overpowering and clogs up my sinuses, Nero never does -- I think it's the chamomile in the former which causes the problem. Overall, it's a fresh, masculine scent, sharp and clean, and smells vaguely woody when dry. I wouldn't get a bigger bottle but I'll finish off my imp.
  6. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    I'd never wear this as it's overwhelmingly feminine, but I must say it conveys the theme very, very well, and smells great. Like other reviewers have said, rose and lily, very pious and appropriate for the Virgin Mary. So appropriate that I dipped my rosary in it. It's nice.
  7. Thanatopsis Azraelis

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    I tried that one, and unfortunately it really wasn't for me. Here's some to try: Czernobog Fenris Wolf Antony Lear Voodoo The Apothecary Vicomte de Valmont Villain Jolly Roger
  8. Thanatopsis Azraelis

    Fenris Wolf

    I rather like this one It's sweet, strong, and has a definite depth of character. "Gentleman werewolf" is the perfect description. It doesn't have much staying power on me, but it has enough, and reapplications are worth it! Amber and musk are wonderful together.
  9. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    Nnnope. I thought I would really like this one, but I don't really go for spicy scents -- Voodoo being the exception. Those spices mix with the rose in a way that makes it exceedingly...obnoxious, at least on me. It might just be my chemistry, because this smelled pretty good in the bottle, it's just not anything I'd wear.
  10. Thanatopsis Azraelis

    Three Witches

    Not a big fan. To me, it just smells like Inferno, only not as good.
  11. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    I like this one a lot. When you pull the top off the vial, it swells. I don't know how to explain it but I love opening this imp...and closing it, and opening it again. It's a wonderful scent balanced between wood and citrus. Very light, like j_jj said, and very pleasant.
  12. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    This is one of my very favorite BPAL scents. It smells a lot like Black Phoenix, except instead of going ultra-feminine on me like Black Phoenix did, it just whirls around in a heady blend of spices. Yum. Spicy. Very spicy. And while it doesn't evoke images of voodoo in particular, I do get very pleasant thoughts of dancing around campfires in Dionysian ecstacy.
  13. Thanatopsis Azraelis

    Black Lotus

    Oh, this one is a new favorite. It's amazing. Yes, at first the lotus is overly sweet, but it dries quickly enough and stays on top. The name is very apt -- it's a darkened sort of floral, and evokes some VERY nice mental images for me. it's not too complex and it stays mostly the same throughout the hours. Oh, and layer this with Darkness. The combination is awesome. The notes will work together to subdue the sweet lotus a bit, you get a double dose of myrrh so it shows up more, and a few more florals in the mix. Try it!
  14. Thanatopsis Azraelis


    This one didn't work very well on me. It started off overly minty and then quickly dried into an unpleasant, dusty smell.
  15. Thanatopsis Azraelis

    Golden Priapus

    Yep, it's a golden scent. Sort of like Aureus in that respect. Nutty and vanilla and sweet, exuding strength and sexuality. It's odd in that it has a strange sort of unisexness: if a female wore it, it would be lovely and soft and feminine, and if a male wore it, it would be bold and vibrant -- at least that's the impression I get from it. I love this. I haven't tried Snake Oil, so I can't compare it to that, but I'd say it definitely makes me feel...eh, empowered. And great. Hope you know what I mean. It sure smells nice.