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    Blinding Glory of Love

    Blinding Glory of Love had a really interesting scent. Throughout the night it kept morphing between sweet candy-fruit and sweet yet light mint/herbally notes. It lasted very well, through a whole evening of food and hand washing, lotion applications, eating, etc etc. I don't know if I wasn't ballsy enough to make the purpose work out with the individual I wore it for, or what. I seemed to get some nice looks from other guys wandering around, and the special guy did sort of lean in during the movie, but nothing really happened more than that. I didn't push it either, and was hoping this would give him the push needed... I guess I will have to sit back and see what happens if tonight could have been a catalyst. My fingers are crossed.
  2. LupaWulf

    Hellhound on My Trail

    Total deliciousness... I had to wait to review for a stubborn cold to go away, and it's totally worth it. I get an orange/citrus like bit, but not fresh from the grove- oh no. It's a spiced orange like the kind of old fashioned decorations around Christmas time with a slight touch of more spicy rum. On the other hand it also smells like spiced rum mixed with mulling spices. Either way entire deliciousness!
  3. LupaWulf

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    No kidding! (I think they were doing multiples, but I kept forgetting to bid when I looked a couple times. Life got in the way back then!) I love the Hellhound on my Trail label. I'd post it, but the guy had to borrow my camera for work today for a project they are working on. Granted, it was nice to see him this morning and get a hug while I am staying home sick, but I sort of want to take pictures of stuff around the house now since I'm bored and still sick.
  4. LupaWulf

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    You're totally right about the vintage - eyespyeclectics seemed to do a big blowout of a lot of their stock on ebay before they closed too (or at least I think that is what they did since they vanished after that and their webpage which they linked to in their ebay profile didn't work). I picked up a couple bottles Satyr and Villian that are the same as yours from ebay in late 04 or early 05. I remember bidding on some Embalming Fluid and just not winning it at the same time as well. So they DO exist! Really!
  5. LupaWulf

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    I just had to swap for this one, since I couldn't afford to order it at the time it came out. I love how cold it smells when wet, like the first light snowfall covering those last leftover apples in the orchard at night. I do love the apple note, although it truly likes to hide behind the other sharp cool notes. When I wear it I do notice that my skin tends to eat it very quickly, but when I can smell it- it's a gorgeous mix of very light cold apples, frosty (without being minty) notes and even a very VERY slight bit of what I consider "North Wind" (Sort of ozone without being so heavy and nose tickleing- like cold air, or the sky before a snow storm). I am very glad to have a bottle of this.
  6. LupaWulf

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    The latest one has a green label w/ purple lettering - sorry I don't have a picture, though! Thank you ladies! I thought so, but somehow got confused anyway.
  7. LupaWulf

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Anyone have a picture of the 08 version of 13? What color is it? Thanks!
  8. LupaWulf

    Gingerbread Poppet

    My GP 07 makes me smell like I have cinnamen buns hidden somewhere on my person. It's staying quite well, and definatly morphed from the wet smell of gingerbread into a cinnamen bun drydown. I really like this a lot better than some of the prior years. It seems to work a lot better for me!
  9. LupaWulf

    Bonfire Night

    A lovely scent reminiscent of burning fall leaves back in New England! It smells quite smoky, but specifically like burning leaves. Sort of a funny nose tickling scent, but during the day it lightens off to a bit of sweetness. Very nice and a great fall scent.
  10. LupaWulf

    White Phoenix

    White phoenix smells a lot like a very light musk on me. It's there, but not screamingly out there. I really don't get much other than a traditional light scent. It's very elegant and makes me think of some lovely extravagant white silk dress and walking around as a debutant. Everything smells very light, like clean fresh laundry. Unfortunatly it does not last long on my skin at all.
  11. LupaWulf

    Mort de Cesar

    Wow! Just Wow! I wasn't sure how I felt about this one when I sniffed the bottle. It did smell spicey, but wet it also had sort of wierd amberish or something tones? I wasn't sure, either way smelled sort of funny to me. I decided to take a chance and put some on regardless. When it hit my skin it totally transformed! I experienced a warm, spicey scent rich with cloves and fire. It's delicious! Personally it smells like some sort of spice cookie my mom used to bake during the wither. And talk about lasting power! I bet if I hadn't taken a shower that night, I would have still smelled delicous cloves the next day. I am very impressed with this one!
  12. LupaWulf

    Love's Philosophy

    Wow! From application throughout the day I have enjoyed a lovely creamy vanilla. It isn't too strong, just light enough to be noticed and glorious. Somehow Love's Philosophy just smells SMOOTH- not overly vanilla or cream but a smooth mixture of both that is absoultly delicious.
  13. LupaWulf

    Sugar Moon 2008

    Well, it must be the mahogny and teak or something in it, but the fiance thinks I smell sort of like church inscence... Fortunatly it's in a good way, (his words) and not a way that makes him turn green. To me Sugar Moon smells sweet, but spicy as well. This isn't really a floral or fruity sweetness, but more like sugar being mixed in with some sort of chai with spieces or something. When I first put it on, I almost smell molasses cooking, or something like that. For some reason it brings thoughts of southern kitchens to my mind. It's hasn't lasted too very long before starting to fade, but it is a very pleasant scent at any rate.
  14. LupaWulf


    A refreshing scent! GET IT?! Aloe, white musk, lime peel, fresh mint, seaspray, verbena and green tea. This one is lovely and light. Wet, it reminds me of freshly washed greens and citris after a trip to the market. Once I put it on, I can smell a light touch of mint with the rest of everything in it. As the day draws on, I pick up more on the aloe with the slightest bit of mint behind it. I like how cool and refreshing (haha) this scent smells. I did notice it is starting to fade very quickly. I wish the throw and life was a wee bit longer, but the rejuvinating nature of the scent is just SO good that it makes up for it. ETA scent description (didn't realize I made a new page).
  15. LupaWulf

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    Holy!!! I love it!!!! In the bottle I wasn't sure how well this would go over, as it seems almost cloyingly sweet. I figured I'd give it a shot today just for fun. Diary settled down very nicely upon application and reminds me a lot of Fruit of Paradice, but with a shot of smooth cream. Fantastic! It's not too sweet, and a fruity sort of sweetness is absolutly amped out by my skin. It seems to have a nice throw, and is lasting very well today. I really love this one!
  16. LupaWulf

    Rose Moon

    I felt springie today, so I tossed some Rose Moon on. In the bottle it smells very rosey and almost a little like a garden with an underlying green scent. It stays this way through the wet period, but very curiously smells slightly powdery during drydown. Once it is dry a very nice and delicate tea rose scent comes out rather noticeabily. So far it has lasted fairly well, during the afternoon I have noticed that it has started to fade and become a little bit less rosey and more like sweet spring garden flowers.
  17. LupaWulf


    I felt like being festive today, so I dabbed on Ostara. The scent is very floral on me with something underneath the flowers to give them a bit of body. It is almost a musky or rooty scent that sticks in your nose. This is a very rich and full scent with decent throw. It was male approved on the way to work this morning, as I was asked "What are you wearing? That smells good!" I am well and truly reminded of later spring by this scent, as it smells like blooming spring flowers but without the wet earth mud scent.
  18. LupaWulf

    Mechanical Phoenix

    I love mechanical scents! As strange as it is, I really enjoy spending breaks down in the vehicle shop or at least around my mechanic buddies. I love those oil and metallic notes. Mechanical phoenix does have the brassie metallic notes at first. On me it seems to be a more feminine scent, I don't get much of the masculine cologne type that many have found in their reviews. I have something like metal with sugar or something going on. It's not bad, but I wish it was a little dry-er and more masculine smelling. Then again, I would be content with a scent along the lines of "Mechanic at Work." I truly wish I had Czarina's drydown with all of the motor oil and metallic scents. All and all I do like the scent. It's not bad, but not as I was so hoping...
  19. LupaWulf

    Earth Rat

    Earth Rat is very sweet in a fruity and melonish way for the entire time I had it on. Other than the fact the oil disappeared I could have sworn I was sniffing it directly from the bottle all day long. Later in the day I started to smell a more floral note over the melon, but it was very sweet and pleasent. This was a scent that stuck around all day long with a strong throw too.
  20. LupaWulf

    Australian Copperhead (2006)

    Oh drool! I hadn't tried this one yet, which was a pity since I should have used it sooner! Wow! In the bottle I smell mostly berries and fruit with slight traces of vanilla and spice. When applied the berry smell really stands out. I was a bit nervous since sometimes Snake Oil is a little much on my skin, but the berries really balance everything out nicely. It keeps a nice wet fruit and berry scent for most of the day. As time draws on a bit more of the vanilla spice snake oil scent comes out, but it is not overpowering. I think the acai really balances the rest of it well. Normally cardamom makes me sneezy, but I hardly notice it in this one! Yay! So far this is my favorite Snake type scent!
  21. LupaWulf

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    Wow! This is totally those Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies! Everything stays consistant, from the bottle to my skin and throughout the day. I smelled like a lovely thin mint cookie all day long. The chocolate and mint was in perfect balance- neither taking over, nor both being too strong. The only disadvantage was a constant craving for Thin Mints all day long. I love this one!
  22. LupaWulf

    Stress Relief Elixir

    This smells VERY minty in the bottle with a touch of herbs. I'd say it is a sweeter mint, not peppermint, more like green spearmint to my nose. When I put it on I smell more of the herbal notes than the mint, but I swear I could BATHE in this happily. I think there is some rosemery or thyme or maybe sage, possibly leamon mint (there is such a mint, my mom used to grow it). It is really not a sweet scent, but it's such a good scent. I almost smell some citris notes for a while on my skin, but only faintly under the herbal smell. It doesn't last as long as I would like it to, but boy does it relax me. I love how very relaxing it feels, it reminds me a lot of drying herbs from the garden with my mom when I was little.
  23. LupaWulf

    Monster Bait: biggerCritters

    I have come to the conclusion that vanilla (or at least the moroccan vanilla) smells like plastic to MY nose when it is on my skin. For some reason to other poople it smells deliciously spicey on my skin. With that said: In the bottle BiggerCritters smells sweet, slightly like candied fruit, and has notes of vanilla swirling around. This is a very creamy and nice scent. Once I put it on, to my nose it smells rather plastic-ie. I was a bit disappointed, but didn't have time to scrub and try something else this morning. When my fiance picked me up about three minutes after application, I wasn't too happy since I smelled like spicy plastic. Appearntly to him it smelled like really good chai tea. Same with the rest of my coworkers! As the day has worn on, BiggerCritters has smoothed out to a sweet vanilla spice smell. I rather like it once I can get through the plastic-to-me scented phase in the beginning.
  24. LupaWulf

    Cheshire Moon

    In the bottle Cheshire Moon smells very much like sweet citress, nothing in particular- maybe just a mix of sweet clemintines, blood oranges, and all of the sweetest most tasty goodies. Once I put it on, I can smell a sweet and creamy scent in addition to the fruit. After a while all I can smell is a pleasant creamy sweetness, like a cream cake; however, my fiance swears it smells like a sweet ripe orange. This one lasted steadily all day, and remained delicious without becoming sickly sweet. I was very pleased with it!
  25. LupaWulf


    When I first sniffed the bottle, I was entirely enraptured! It smelled cool, wet, sweet and fresh! It was so sweet and lovely I could hardly believe it. After applying it, I still enjoyed the scent, but more of a floral smell became prevolant. Hours after, the sweet and refreshingly cool notes are gone. I smell like I have a boquet of rather strong and floral-y smelling flowers somehow hidden on my person. I'm not as happy about this as I thought. I was hoping for something more refreshing smelling at least, or that it would stay exactly as it smells wet (like the origional Blue Moon, but more wet and not as sweet). This will be another I shall have to try in a scent locket or my hair.