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    Snake Oil in the Pumpkin Patch

    I'll start by saying that Snake Oil is one of my most loved scents. It's absolutely perfect. I also love anything pumpkin-y... so the idea of the two together = self implosion. Let's see what happened... In the bottle it smelled of what I would imagine a pumpkin liqueur would smell of... if any of you know of any pumpkin liqueurs, tell me! It was rich, sweet, warming, aromatic and delectable. Wet on skin that pumpkin disappeared and I had a huge wave of cinnamon, dry, candy like cinnamon - red hots, if you will. Didn't think there would be cinnamon in this as my chemistry and cinnamon do not get along. Upon dry down - PHEW! The cinnamon nearly almost disappeared, the pumpkin liqueur came back with a hint of SO coming out. After a number of hours, the SO was more apparent however the beautiful pumpkin was the more dominant character here, which surprised me as Snake Oil is so very powerful on me on it's own. The combination is divine. I think this is a lovely take on Snake Oil, I've been wearing it every day since I ordered it and thank goodness my backup bottle arrived today! Someone else's post said that it was a more office safe version of SO and I totally agree. In fact, some of the guys in my office who would never wear anything that wasn't a high end men's cologne have taken me aside to ask me where they can get the perfume I'm wearing!! If you're a fan of the Snake Oil, definitely try this!!!! :wub: :wub:
  2. jkfagtongpun


    Oh sweet goddess... Bastet is flipping gorgeous. From the second I put it on I was mesmerised. On wet I get a beautiful, sweet, warm almond, so delicious I want to lick my arms. As it dries the amber, musk, myrrh, spices and lotus come out. I can smell the cherry everyone mentions but it's a deep, spicy, sweet, ever so slightly floral cherry and my gawd it is damn good. I absolutely love this and I'm ordering a big bottle... maybe two.
  3. jkfagtongpun

    Le Lèthè

    Red musk and sweat-damp golden skin musk with labdanum, golden amber, nutmeg, tobacco absolute, black orchid, and hemlock accord. I also cannot believe there is only one page of reviews for this so far! I am SO glad this is now GC. Why did I not try this one earlier?? On wet I get red musk, golden musk, amber and a very, very subdued floral. As it warms on my skin the floral note/notes come out a bit more and have a slight bitter edge, which I really like - florals can go very bad for me if they are too sweet. As it dries down the sweet, sharp tobacco comes out so I get a beautiful, sexy, dark, heady, musky scent - my gawd, I love this. It's not a floral, it's not foody... it's, well, just gorgeous. To me it's a warm, brown, eveloping scent... if you know what I mean. I think I've found my new favourite. Definitely a 5ml purchase!
  4. jkfagtongpun

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    This one is a very light, slightly fruity, slightly floral one. Something in it reminds me of The Temptation... I like it but it's definitely not me, a bit too light. To me it is a very bright and airy scent, I imagine a tiny, pale fairy with the most delicate of wings would naturally smell of this.
  5. jkfagtongpun

    Robin Goodfellow

    This is a gorgeous, soft, brown musky scent to me. I think it would be very sexy on a man (alas, my husband says he has too many BPAL scents already - does the man not know, one can NEVER have too many?!?). I find this one quite warm, and almost sweet. It's definitely a skin musk and the woody-mossy notes keep it from going too soft. If you like that manly-man that somehow works hard all day yet comes home and smells woody-sweet-musky - try this.
  6. jkfagtongpun


    I bought a decant of this because I love gum trees, they remind me of childhood and, also, who doesn't want to wear something with mandrake accord in it?? On wet this encompasses all the characteristics of perfumes that I love, it's dark, smoky, musky, slightly earthy, resinous and a little bitter. Love. As it dries the resinous smell becomes slightly bright, almost cold, I get this with a few other resin blends. It's not bad at all but I preferred that initial, darker, warmer smell. Unfortunately, it is also giving me a headache. Maybe I'm sniffing it too much.
  7. jkfagtongpun

    Lemurian Ghost

    This scent starts as a very light, luminous, whispy scent. Green, sweetish florals. As it dries the lettuce and mint are discernable with the other notes creating an ethereal, other-worldly, soft, green scent. It is a beatiful smell however it's not very me.
  8. jkfagtongpun

    Pumpkin IV

    At first I get pumpkin, spice and mahogany. A really lovely, slightly sweet, earthy, warming scent. As it dries the pumpkin fades and the spice intensifies, I want to say it's a very dry, sharp cinnamon type smell, not overly sweet. Then it's just straight up wood. I didn't get any mimosa or amber. I've read that saro is supposed to be lemony or fruity, I definitely didn't get that. It's ok but not really me though it was fun to try.
  9. jkfagtongpun

    Snake Oil

    Ok, I've been wanting to try Snake Oil for years but didn't because of all the hype, yeah, if everyone else likes it, usually, I am determined to not like it AND because a lot of reviews said it was very head shop-y. I couldn't be further from a head shop scent wearing kind of gal. Oh, and I hate patchouli. Luckily, the Lab decided to make the decision for me and sent me a frimp of it. Again, . Um... is the perfume equivalent of crack in this? Because I cannot stop wearing this stuff. I can see why it may be a bit head shop to some, but I think the vanilla kind of keeps that in check for me. I also cannot smell patchouli. Either I've become scent blind to patchouli or it isn't making an appearance for me. I get a bit of the incense-y smell but to me, it's mostly an exotic, sweet smell. I can't really define it, it just smells GOOD. So good, so delicious. I can't stop smelling my arms and hair when I put it on. Mysterious, magnetic and sexy? Yes, oh yes oh yes! And the throw and lasting power is incredible. I wore it to a tattoo appointment today. I sweat like you would not believe during a tattoo session - so I've been on a train to London, walking around London (which to me smells of car exhaust and it sticks to ya), got a portion added to my tattoo sleeve, back on the train, walked the dog and now home and it stills smells amazing and has hardly faded. I can't believe I'm a Snake Oil convert!! Well, actually, now that I've smelled it, yes, I can. It's so freaking gorgeous. Now I understand the hype... I just can't believe I've been missing out for so long!
  10. jkfagtongpun

    Autumn Coolness

    I mainly bought this because I love the name... but I also love wisteria. In the imp and on wet it is full on bamboo. Wow, I never would have thougth bamboo would be so strong on me. As it dries it just kind of turns into a general sweet, woody, kind of clean smell. It's ok but it is not for me. Boo. Hoo.
  11. jkfagtongpun

    The Vampire Bride

    Oh Vampire Bride... you make me very sad. This starts out with a citrus note and icy skin. I thought that from there it could go really good or really bad... it just goes kind of 'meh'. When it dries I get powder and violet. I think tea notes go to powder on me. Damn.
  12. jkfagtongpun

    The Apparition

    First on it's oudh and it's a lovely oudh and nothing else to my nose. Then it dries into a very dry smelling man's cologne. It reminds me of a guy I used to work with that wore Lacoste... Definitely not for me.
  13. jkfagtongpun

    The Lurid Library

    I'm similar to the above - I get a teeny whiff of incense then... nothing. Boo.
  14. jkfagtongpun

    The Perilous Parlor

    Dang it! I really wanted this to work for me. But all I get is pink bubblegum!!
  15. jkfagtongpun


    This sounds so good... I mainly bought it for the orange blossom, which is definitely there... I also got whiffs of apricot and honeycomb. It is a really light, sweet, girly kind of scent. Afraid it is just a bit too light and girly for me. Sigh.
  16. jkfagtongpun

    Blue Moon 2012

    This sounded very promising and it is a beautiful scent. Someone else said it was soothing, and that is very much what I get from it, too. It's clear, and light, airy and gentle. Lovely, just not me.
  17. jkfagtongpun

    The Wretched Rose Window

    Wretched Rose Window, indeed. The rose used in this ended up being the kind of rose note that comes out with fists of fury beating all other notes into submission. This was all rose on me, nothing else... then it used those fists on me and gave me a headache.
  18. jkfagtongpun

    Raven Moon

    2012 version - Wow. This was a whim decant circle purchase as I usually don't get on with patchouli but the other notes were calling to me. In the vial it's a wonderful, dark and warm mix of spicy, earthy, smokey sweetness but not candy or cloying sweet. On wet, the chili, smoked vanilla, nutmeg and patchouli are all apparent and blend together SO nicely... the patchouli isn't in your face or dirty at all, it's sort of a grounding, comforting earthy smell. Dry I keep getting whiffs of smokey, spicy beauty. That combination of nutmeg, vanilla and chili is just amazing. I've never tried a Raven Moon and I'm so glad I went for this. Shame I missed out on a big bottle! Oh yummy Raven Moon - I will buy a large bottle of all your future permutations.
  19. jkfagtongpun


    BPAL Antikythera Mechanism Anubis Aureus Bastet Black Cat Black Forest Black Lily Black Opal Bloodlust Danse Macabre Debauchery Depraved Eat Me Endymion Engine No. 93 Eros Gommorah Hemlock Himerus Hollywood Babylon Iago Kuang Shi La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente Le lethe Lilac Wood Loviatar Mage Mischievious Spirit Mr Ibis Nyx Oblivion Paladin Penitence Phobos Queen Queen Alice Ra Robin Goodfellow Salome Samurai in Graveyard by Night Séance Snake Oil Snowy Mountains and Kingfisher Spellbound The Caterpillar The Grindhouse The Ifrit The Infernal Lover The Isles of the Demons The Phantom Wooer The Rose in the Deeps of His Heart The Zieba Tree Titus Andronicus Two Headed Goat Ushi Vasakasajja Vechernyaya Ysabell Zombi Moxie Nouveau Dragonfly II Flaunt It Goodbye Kiss Pandora Urban Nymph (Ok, well, everything in her catalogue should be here, really.) NAVA Egypt Hyphialtes Isis Ma'at Necropolis Nefertiti Nepthys Pharoah Qebechet Ramesses Scarab Sentinel Sobek Talamaur Veronique Vesper Villanazion Wiggle DuBois Hala Hither Little 5 Manora Penelope Tupelo Zelda Blooddrop Citrouille Eiffel Tower Frida If Wishes Were Horses Luna Moth Pumpkin Star Light, Star Bright Unlikely Velpecula Zennadu (Way more to come and still need to add Conjure Oils and Arcana...)
  20. jkfagtongpun


    I ordered this in October 2010 and put it in my 'try again later' box because the vanilla overpowered everything. I don't mind vanilla as long as there is something else to keep it from going overly sweet. I've recently retested this and wow, the combination of notes is amazing. On wet I get lemon and neroli as the dominant notes backed by musk, vanilla, sandalwood and bergamot. Dry the musk dominates with a backing of vanilla and sandalwood. It is very light and doesn't last long but I think I'll keep it for now.
  21. jkfagtongpun


    I ordered this last summer. I wore it to a bbq festival and I had to come home and wash it off. It was saffron, lots of saffron and an underlying hint of red musk. Too much saffron for me. Now, here I am a year later going through imps seeing what I can sell/frimp/swap and I thought I'd give her another try. WOW. Straight up juicy, red musk with a mingling of spice. Not too much saffron, ageing has kept it in check for me. I think I'll keep this one for now. It'll be lovely to wear when the summer is starting to cool down into autumn. Yum.
  22. jkfagtongpun


    Holy crap! This was my favourite last summer and I haven't reviewed it - eejit! In the imp it was juicy, red musk. On wet it was musk and a delicate sweetness I'm assuming is the strawberry leaf. Dry, it's still gorgeous musk, I get more red than white, and a bit of sweet tang that I suppose is the white grapefruit. I love this scent. Someone in the office came up behind me while I was wearing this and said, 'something smells really sweet and cute, like candy hearts'. I took this as a compliment!
  23. jkfagtongpun


    I bought this for my husband as it sounded right up his street and something I would definitely like him to smell of. I was not wrong. In the imp it was a dry, brown, warm scent. On wet it was definitely skin and red musk with amber and woods. Dry, it's a chocolately (amber), warm, dry, red musk. GAWD, I love it! He also loves it! Luckily, his skin chemistry brings out the notes I really love. On myself it was slightly musky but mainly woody; I prefer a more dominant musk note.
  24. jkfagtongpun


    I got this a year ago and never reviewed it?! On wet: I get straight up resins. Lovely, heavenly (no pun intended). Loving it. Dry: it fades to a slightly woody, chocolately incense. Absolutely LOVE it. But it has no throw and fades all too quickly for me. If I could somehow get it to stick around longer it would be a perfect all year 'round scent.
  25. jkfagtongpun

    Juniper Hairstreak

    Woe is me. I was very excited about this one, the musk and cucumber combination seemed like a great summer combo... on paper. In the imp it's a sweet, cucumber-y scent. On wet, it remains the same but somehow feels more delicate. As it dries, I get the watermelon and gum thing. It reminds me of a shy and wilting cousin of 'Tis the Voice of the Lobster. There is a whisper of musk and mint but I detect nothing else. Within two hours it's practically gone. I'm very, very sad.