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BPAL Madness!
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BPAL Antikythera Mechanism Anubis Aureus Bastet Black Cat Black Forest Black Lily Black Opal Bloodlust Danse Macabre Debauchery Depraved Eat Me Endymion Engine No. 93 Eros Gommorah Hemlock Himerus Hollywood Babylon Iago Kuang Shi La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente Le lethe Lilac Wood Loviatar Mage Mischievious Spirit Mr Ibis Nyx Oblivion Paladin Penitence Phobos Queen Queen Alice Ra Robin Goodfellow Salome Samurai in Graveyard by Night Séance Snake Oil Snowy Mountains and Kingfisher Spellbound The Caterpillar The Grindhouse The Ifrit The Infernal Lover The Isles of the Demons The Phantom Wooer The Rose in the Deeps of His Heart The Zieba Tree Titus Andronicus Two Headed Goat Ushi Vasakasajja Vechernyaya Ysabell Zombi   Moxie Nouveau Dragonfly II Flaunt It Goodbye Kiss Pandora Urban Nymph (Ok, well, everything in her catalogue should be here, really.)   NAVA Egypt Hyphialtes Isis Ma'at Necropolis Nefertiti Nepthys Pharoah Qebechet Ramesses Scarab Sentinel Sobek Talamaur Veronique Vesper Villanazion   Wiggle DuBois Hala Hither Little 5 Manora Penelope Tupelo Zelda   Blooddrop Citrouille Eiffel Tower Frida If Wishes Were Horses Luna Moth Pumpkin Star Light, Star Bright Unlikely Velpecula Zennadu   (Way more to come and still need to add Conjure Oils and Arcana...)



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