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  1. armeleia

    A Spirit, Katie

    On my arrival (June 5) all appeared fair enough. I found the mediums established on the second floor of a small house in Ninth Street near Arch. There were but two rooms on the floor, a front parlor and a bedroom; the lower floor under both rooms being occupied as a shop for the sale of musical instruments. In a back corner of the parlor was a walnut cabinet, seven feet wide and eight feet high, with a door that opened into the parlor, and two apertures, five and six feet high respectively, both curtained with black cloth. We had lamp-light, shaded but sufficient to enable us to recognize faces and to see everything that passed in the room. After we had examined the cabinet, the medium entered it, closing the door. Soon at one of the apertures appeared a fair, thoughtful young face, a girl of eighteen apparently, by whom I was cordially welcomed in a low, pleasant voice. She returned and spoke to us several times. At the close of the sitting she twice appeared, robed in white, just within the cabinet door; not coming out, however, into the room: the first time (so I was told) that she had ever shown herself in full form. It was evidently a living, moving, thinking being. Yet I suspended judgment. One of the mediums was out of our sight. Then there was a door locked, padlocked, and otherwise effectually secured, it seemed, but yet a door from the cabinet into the bedroom adjoining. The possibility of a confederate suggested itself. Forty memorable sittings followed. Gradually test conditions were perfected, and every imaginable ground for suspecting deception was removed; and then, instead of failure, all the phenomena came out in greater perfection than before. I select the more remarkable; to copy my notes in full would involve tedious repetition. June 7. Katie allowed Dr. Child to feel her pulse; its beats were distinct, about seventy-two a minute. A lady offered her a gold ring, and asked me to put it on her finger. I did so. The hand, beautifully formed, was like that of a mortal woman, nearly of the same temperature as my own, and slightly moist. At the close of the sitting she advanced into the room, dropped a finger on my head, and touched several other persons. June 9. I gave her a long chain, composed of Violets hair, a present to myself more than forty-five years ago: hoping, as I told Katie, thereby to attract Violet herself in accordance with her promise. I observed that Katie wore the gold ring. But when, at the close of the sitting, examined with a light every nook and corner in the cabinet, neither ring nor chain was to be found. June 10. Katie called me up to the aperture, handed me back the hair chain, and said: Violet wishes you to keep this, in memory of her, until you are called to meet her in her spirit-home. Touching Visitants From a Higher Life, Robert Dale Owen In memory of her: green cognac, rose water, and Italian bergamot. In the bottle, its a beautiful, sweet green scent. The first few hours, it is a well-balanced blend of the bergamot and the cognac, with just the faintest bit of rose to keep it from being foody or boozy. It has a slightly sparkling feel to it, and it is really wonderful... I feel like is almost more like something you could get at a store, except that it isnt artificial-smelling or overpowering. I cant think of how to describe it exactly? Its just gentle and sweet but still unique. As time passed, the rose came out more... and the balance shifted to be more rose-bergamot with the cognac sweetness but no distinct cognac-ness. At the end it was just rose, which turned a little powdery. Overall I really like this one a lot and really recommend it. Its also the type of scent that I think would make a nice gift because I feel like a lot of people would enjoy it.
  2. armeleia

    Singularly At Ease

    Its beautifully blueberry baked goods in the bottle... on the dry-down it smells like the LUSH blackberry bath bomb. Dry it is almost pure coconut with a very vague tongue of berry. Its very pleasant but not at all what I was looking for. I normally amp boozey scents, but I didnt even get a whiff of the alcohol note in this one.
  3. armeleia

    Violent Gesticulations

    No doubt I now grew very pale; but I talked more fluently, and with a heightened voice. Yet the sound increased and what could I do? It was a low, dull, quick sound much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton. I gasped for breath and yet the officers heard it not. I talked more quickly more vehemently; but the noise steadily increased. I arose and argued about trifles, in a high key and with violent gesticulations; but the noise steadily increased. Why would they not be gone? An erratic pomegranate mint, high-pitched and flailing with eucalyptus, above a throbbing core of black musk. In the bottle: Dominated by the musk and eucalptus, with mint following and a vague, hard to identify fruitiness. Wet on skin: Stronger mint and eucalptus with that the musk to round it out, with that same sweetness as in the bottle. Dry on skin: Very well-balanced, softly masculine but with a sweetness that keeps it from really being manly. Clean without being astringent. On me, the pomegranate never really smells specifically like pomegranate; it comes across as slightly tangy note that keeps this one really interesting and very complex. This one is wonderful - definitely a keeper. ETA: This is actually my new favorite.
  4. armeleia

    Unsettling Clear Plastic Mask

    [No additional description provided.] I got this one out of curiosity... and it was not my jam. I mean, to be fair... saying that kind of reminds me of in Arrested Development when Michael finds a paper bag in the freezer labeled "Dead Dove Do Not Eat," and opens it to see what's inside and then says "I honestly don't know what I was expecting." So, yes, this smells like the inside of a plastic mask. In the bottle: Lightly citrus and with almost a hint of straw On the skin: Slightly acrid, stale plastic Dry down: Just sort of bitter and hard to identify. My verdict is that I kind of hate it? INTERESTINGLY, I think it would be fun as a layering scent; it seems to have the ability to fake-ify whatever you put over it. Like for example, putting a chocolatey scent over it made it smell like a scratch and sniff chocolate sticker. Putting something with a strong strawberry scent over it makes it smell like a Strawberry Shortcake doll from the 80's.