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  1. persephanise


    I love Dirty as a scent on my sheets. It's not a scent I want on my body all day, but I do love to put a bit on a dry washcloth and toss that washcloth into the dryer with my linens. Getting into a freshly made bed with linens that smell lightly of Dirty is a gooooood night.
  2. persephanise

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    Cream accord, amber, teak, and lotus blossom. Oh, no. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't care for this. But when I opened my imp I immediately went, Oh *wow* and put it on. Which I never do. I usually think for a while about what I want on my skin. At first it's a creamy floral. Not at all foody--just creamy and pretty. On drydown I get soemthing that reminds me strongly of patchouli. It must be the teak giving it that woody edge. But where I don't care for patchouli, I really like this. It's earthy without being "dirty hippie". I don't get any outright amber or floral from this, though. It's not at all floral on drydown--it's creamy and woody in a lovely, exotic way. I will certainly purchase a bottle. It's definitely different than anything else in my perfume closet. It's going to be a beautiful scent to wear in the summer. I truly love it, and though I am quite fond of many perfumes there are few I genuinely love, and this is one. Very impressed with this one.
  3. persephanise

    Dragon's Reverie

    Dragon's Reverie is nothing like I expected. I don't know what I expected, but not this. This smells expensive. This smells like expensive, commercial perfume. IT smells like something my mother would have worn to a very debonair dinner party with her lawyer husband and his lawyery friends. Which is not a slam AT ALL. In fact, quite the opposite. I really REALLY like this. I'm usually a foody girl, but when I dress up I like to smell sophisticated and sexy. This is definitely that. This isn't goth playing grown up. It isn't head shop with flowers. It's really sophisticated and beautiful. Gah. Another to add to my evergrowing bottle list. Ay, me.
  4. persephanise

    Peony Moon

    Whoever said this reminds her of Dirty's older sister got it exactly right. This definitely shares notes in common with Dirty, which for me is wonderful since Dirty was one of my first BPAL loves. This is somewhat more perfumey and feminine than Dirty, but also lighter. It's pink, pink peony with a slight twist of bamboo. It's really, really pretty and fresh, and will be really lovely to wear in the spring. I don't really get powder from this (which would be okay since I like powder) nor do I get aquatic. I just get flowers and light bamboo. It's a fiarly simple scent, and doesn't change much. Thumbs up. Glad I bought a bottle.
  5. persephanise

    Love's Philosophy

    All I get is Milk of Magnesia + cheap vanilla scented candles. I'm not sure how vanilla +saffron + cream could go wrong. *cries* I guess it wasn't meant to be!
  6. persephanise

    Blood Rose

    I got this as a frimp in an order where I got tons of frimps. when I first tried it, I discarded it pretty quickly. It's entirely possible I just wasn't in the mood for this or my nose was tired. I tried it on today on a whim and WOW! This is SEXY. It's rose, and wine, and sweet powder. Actually, it's exactly the kind of rose blend I was looking for weeks ago when I went on my rose kick. Interesting. The high, sweet note in this is surprising to me. I don't smell it in the vial, only on skin. It almost makes my mouth water. YEs, this makes me feel womanly, and powerful, and hella sexy. The last thing I need is ANOTHER 5 mL...but maybe I just won't tell hubby....
  7. persephanise

    Gingerbread Poppet

    Oh my gosh. This smells so lovely! I agree with those who said it is more gingersnaps than gingerbread, but whatever, it's very edible smelling. It does smell *slightly* like a cinnamon candle on drydown, but not in a way that overpowers the delicious gingeryness My husband sniffed this in the bottle and his eyes got wide. He said, "WOW that smells lke honest to God gingerbread." Yeah this is very very nice. I think it will be even better aged. I'm looking forward to wearing this no matter what the season. I'm really glad I lucked into a bottle!
  8. persephanise

    Dana O'Shee

    In the imp, I was like, Another ringer for O? What gives?! Dry on my skin: Wow, it smells just like Snow White, except it lacks whatever turned SW into plastic poison on my skin. (I think it might be the pine). I like this. I don't smell oatmeal at all, and I don't really get any grain or foodiness from this. It's extremely pleasant, however. Yes, I like this. It's not as foody as I hoped it would be (it's not foody to me at all) and it really does smell so much like Snow White. I could definitely see myself wearing this.
  9. persephanise


    Oh my gosh! *swoon* New top 10 favorite. In the imp: Hershey's kisses. I actually don't like HErshey's kisses. Wet: The same, but deepening. Dry: Rich, beautiful, milk chocolate. IT doesn't smell too sweet or artificial. IT smells like good milk chocolate melted across my wrist. Super super happy with this, and cannot wait to order 5mL.
  10. Ugh I don't think Dorian smells at all like Vanilla Lace. I adore vanilla lace--it smells like cake batter to me. It's delightful. The musk in Dorian is all wrong for VL in my opinion.
  11. persephanise


    Hee! I got this as a frimp from the lab, opened it, sniffed it, and threw it in the swap pile. I didn't try it on becuase it smelled kind of weird in the imp. Today I was reading some reviews that mentioned Maenad as being a strwberry scent and I thought to myself, "Wel, heck, why not go back and give it a shot?" So I just tried it on, and after a few minutes it smelled of sweet candy. Oddly familiar.... And then I read another reviewers take on it: strawberry pez! It is! it's totally strawberry Pez!! I'm sure I won't want to smell like strawberry pez particularly often, but sometimes I am in the mood for ridiculous things like that. Plus, I bet it will be fun to layer. With Bless? With O? It's definitely a fun, lighthearted scent. I put a tiny dab on my wrist and that is STRONG! I'm excited to have found another scent to play with. I may even get a bottle of this. Just because it's so much *fun*.
  12. persephanise


    I would never ever ever have ordered this based on the notes. I got it as a frimp from the lab. In fact, the first time I sniffed this I laughed out loud becuase it smelled ridiculous. I said it smelled like a room full of baby goths who were trying too hard. That's what I thought of Shango: trying too hard. Then one night I was wearing Midway and I was trying to think of ways to amp the caramel apple in the blend and I Thought, "Hmmm, there is that weird Shango in my swap box...." Shango + Midway: YUM YUM! A little Shango goes a long way, but man, it smells really nice with Midway. By itself I think I"m still not sold. It is kind of a ridiculous scent, and it's something I would very rarely be in the mood for. But sometimes, ridiculous can be good. And ya know, I'm thinking of keeping this imp and maybe even getting another one. I can't imagine ever using up a whole bottle, but it's definitely grown on me. funny how that happens.
  13. persephanise


    Oh, beloved, beloved Midway. I'm a hardcore foodie lover, but I am extraordinarily picky about my foodies. A kind forumite to whom I am forever indebted told me that I would probably like Midway and sent me a decant. I fell in love, found a bottle, and am now wondering what i will do when this bottle runs out. It smells exactly like waffle cones. I used to work in a Baskin Robbins years ago, and I'd come home smelling like waffle cones. And this smells just like that, but better. I don't really get any cotton candy or taffy, at least not noticeably, but I do get a soft, beautiful undercurrent of caramel apple. The dominant scent is certainly the funnel cake, but the caramel apple is there too, peeking out from underneath. As far as I can tell, Midway and Midway Resurrected are exactly the same. I am so happy with this scent I hardly know what to do. I absolutely can't stop sniffing and smiling. The whole family will be better off now that I have acquired this, since it puts me in such a wonderful mood.
  14. persephanise

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    How long ago did you try it? That was my reaction when I first got it, but after aging awhile it lost that plasticky smell for me. My decant is Beaver Moon 07. It's not so much "plasticky", not like Dorian was plasticky. It's just a scent that, while it appealed to my 5 year old self, does not appeal to my 31 year old self if you know what I mean. I know I"m terribly picky about my foody scents. (Which is why im so excited I discovered Miday!) But I know if anyone can create my perfect food scent, the Lab can, even if it hasn't just yet. I'm hopeful
  15. persephanise

    La Befana

    I only had a sniffle of this, so no skin testing. It smelled familiar, but I could not put my finger on it. My daughter sniffed it and said, "BLUE TOOTSIE ROLL POPS!!" Yup. That's exactly what it smells like. Blue raspberry candy.