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  1. Heeroluva

    Cykranoshian Catnip

    In bottle: It's orange with something dark in the background that I can't really pick out Wet: Less orange but something musky appears Dry: This smells like moldy oranges. (
  2. Heeroluva

    Mountain of Bone

    Bottle: Fruity booze Wet: Peach/lychee champain Dry: Way, way, way more boozy.. could probably get drunk just sniffing it
  3. Heeroluva

    Desiccated Frostberry Pie Filling

    So apprently my skin chemistry is way different from everyone else that's reviewed. In bottle: Sweet and cakey, similar to Blackberry Scones and Jam Wet: Good-bye cake, hello apple?!?! Dried: Still very apple-y, sharp and bitter (ice connotation), this reminds me very much of Snow, Glass, Apples but it's sharper, has more of a twang to it (also lasts longer which is a plus ^.^)
  4. Heeroluva

    Ghoul Hooligan

    In the bottle: Dark, dark chocolate Wet on application: Dark chocolate, pumpkin, and spices A few minutes later: Why hello Red Hots (which I hope go away) 15min later: Yay the Red Hots have died down a bit, but are still a bit overpowering Later: Other scents fade away leaving only cinnamon Personally I think this would be better without the cinnamon because it always seems to overpower everything (or maybe I just amp it).
  5. Heeroluva


    Wow, so I've heard people say that things have smelt like weird foods to them, but never experienced this myself... until now. In the bottle I get all the listed notes. But on me it smells like BACON, very smoky bacon at that. Very weird.
  6. Heeroluva

    The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love

    I was a bit worried about this since aquatic scents almost always turn weird on me, but was glad to find my worries were for naught. In the bottle this is almost sickening sweet chocolate. Wet on skin it's OMG get the incense away from me, but that quickly fades and the chocolate comes back into play, but it's no longer sweet. The only thing I can think of to say is that it's a savory chocolate. I'm guessing that's the salt coming into play. The incenses gradually fade until they're just a background note, but it's adds something to it. In the end this actually kind of reminds me of roasting nuts, but in a good way. Definitely a keeper and in my top ten now. Edit: Bah sadly about an hour later the incense amped again. (
  7. Heeroluva


    In the imp it's pure watermelon candy, very sweet. Wet the watermelon is still strong but the carnation makes a strong appearance. Once dried all I get is carnation.
  8. Heeroluva

    A Fit of Artistic Enthusiasm

    In the bottle it's a strong aquatic with tiny hint of mint and citrus. Wet it's just a strong aquatic note. All aquatic scents normally smell the same to me. But as this dried I was pleased that there was a bit of sweetness that cut through and mellowed the normally strong throw that aquatics seem to have on me. It's actually quite lovely.
  9. Heeroluva

    Detestable Putrescence

    Funny enough I was eating some vanilla ice cream right before I tested this and had some of the melty goodness left to smell and compare. In the bottle the scent is very comparable to the real thing. Wet it gets a bit of a coppery metallic bite to it. As it dries that note increases and the vanilla turns very bitter. It is very odd and something I'll have to test again.
  10. Heeroluva

    Soothing System

    In the bottle this has a very strong alcohol scent, almost like whiskey. Wet it's a sweet red wine. Dry it turns into grape candy and stays that way.
  11. Heeroluva

    Knecht Ruprecht

    I had very high hopes for this. In the bottle it was a very foody scent smelling like boozy apples with a hint of almond. Wet and dry all I get is a very strong evergreen.
  12. Heeroluva

    Hideous Heart

    I was very leery about this because cherry normally either turns sickeningly sweet or gets a cough medicine smell to it. But when I opened the imp I was immediately assulted by the scent of cherries, real cherries, not the candied kind, rich and juicy. Wet the cinnamon made an appearance but it was just a background note, and not the red hot kind that so often seems to come up. Then when it tries it gets a little tart which I'm going to say is the licorice root, and there's only the slightest hint of cinnamon. Am definitely going to have to get a bottle of this.
  13. Heeroluva

    Devil's Night

    2009 version So I must say that I've never had an instant favorite, but this one definitely is. I seriously can't stop smelling myself and telling my friends to smell it too. In the bottle there's smoke an spicy. Wet it's a sweet spice. Finally after it dries the sweet spice is still there but there's a bit of boozy smokiness to it. Definitely going to have to get more of this to horde lol.
  14. Heeroluva


    Black plum, burgundy wine, sandalwood, and champaca. So I just put this on my skin without really properly smelling it and omg talk about scent explosion. In the bottle it was very, very sweet and boozy. It's amping like crazy on my skin. My roommate walked in within a minute and asked what I was drinking lol. As it dries it mellowed out a lot (thank god) and got an almost musty smell to it (like walking into a dusty room that's been closed up for a while). But in the end I think it's just a little too sharp for me.
  15. Heeroluva


    In the bottle this is very peach, but in a very artificial way. There's just a hint of carnation. Wet the carnation comes to the forefront with a hint of peach in the background, which leaves me worried because strong floral notes quickly start to stink on me. When it dries the peach comes back, but it's much more mellow than in the bottle and there's something bitter to help balance it (the wine note I believe). After it dries there's no floral left (yay), so this definitely works for me.