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  1. nhough73

    Dance of Death

    This reminds me of a woodsy version of Morocco... where Morocco was the dry sandy version during the day, this one is the murky darkness of the Market after hours.
  2. nhough73


    My nose must be really weird but on me it smelled like rose dribbled with cinnamon. Really like it though Considering a large bottle of it. I didnt get any mandarin at all.
  3. nhough73

    Chaste Moon 2005

    This is just drop dead gorgeous - its everything I'd hoped that Snow White was and more. Creamy soft floral without being too cloying, and its wonderful layered with a drop of Morocco. I am so glad I managed to get my hands on a bottle of this.
  4. nhough73

    Queen Gertrude

    This ends up a very soft violet on me - almost no throw whatsoever and it fades out within 30 minutes. A pretty scent, quite feminine but a little too ethereal for me.
  5. nhough73

    The Hesperides

    The throw on this one was amazing - I got wafts of it for hours. Wet - Tart here, green Granny smiths with the sour tang that makes your mouth pucker Dry - Golden apples, the kind with the flesh that is slightly over ripe and the scent bursts out of the skin when you bite into it. Its almost too sweet on me, but there is something about it that is really appealing - maybe best as a room scent in my house.
  6. nhough73


    This is a lovely scent - its fresh and fruity without being cloyingly sweet. It reminds me of the scent of Asian pears after you bite into them with the juices running down your hand. Definately getting a bigger bottle of this.
  7. nhough73

    Egg Nog

    I started out loving this scent. In the bottle its rich and creamy - dead on for a glass of eggnog. The smell is good during the wet phase but then when it dries I end up with a waxy vanilla smell - also sort of Play Doh like. Going to have to let go of this one. Luckily I looooove Gingerbread Poppet so my Yule order wasnt completely a bummer.
  8. nhough73


    I'd love this on a man - its crisp clean and confident smelling - it would go fabulously with a suit. I want to bury my nose into the neck of a man that smells like this. It sort of reminds me of Cool Water. Dont care for it on me though. Will have to make the man try it on.
  9. nhough73


    The wet stage of this was a very sharp scent - woodsy - made me think of sandalwood even though it doesnt list it on the description. It might have been the bergamot but I'm normally used to smelling bergamot with rose that I wasn't able to pick out the individual notes. The dry stage was much more pleasant - a mellow sweetness that reminded me a bit of baby powder and the sharpness faded away completely. Unfortunately this drifted into nothingness within about 30 minutes on me.
  10. nhough73


    This one was a freebie from the Lab. The vanilla takes over on my skin and ends up being too cloying. Its not sweet, but theres something about it that makes me think of a closed up room, headache inducing.
  11. nhough73


    This ended up being the tartest and most bitter grapefruit on me - it reminded me of household citrus cleaner smell. Over time the scent smoothed out a little but it just was too bracing for my nose. Makes me think of a blazing fluorescent white.
  12. nhough73


    This is one of those scents I can't seem to decide if its just ok or if I love. Its a dry warm and spicy scent on me - the sandalwood is a prominent note, and it makes me think of dusty hot winds, pulling a scarf over my face to protect my skin from the whipping of sand. Exotic and mysterious, sniffing it very close to my skin actually makes me think of the smell when you blow out a candle and the wisp of smoke lazily rises upwards. This fades really fast on me. I went to reapply it and accidentally swiped Hellcat over it.. ugh that was a nasty combination of booze and charred wood. But after fiendishly rubbing off that forsaken pair - and going back to Morocco its really growing on me. Sort of as a belly warming scent.
  13. nhough73


    In the Imp: Candy sweet, like sugared peaches covered with a scoop of melting vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately soon as I put this on it goes right to sandalwood baby powder on me. Off to the swaps it goes.
  14. nhough73

    Gingerbread Poppet

    Delicious - the gingersnaps with the crispy edges and chewy middle. Very foody and the blend is just amazing. I am so glad I went out and bought it sight unsmelled - absolutely scrumptious and I want to gnaw on my own arm. The waft is very nice as well and I could still smell a bit of it this morning after applying it last night.
  15. nhough73


    In the vial: A strong strong waft of buttered caramel popcorn Wet: Mulled apple cider and caramel apples - maybe the peach is smelling apple-y to me but I cannot stop sniffing myself. This is a very strong spicey scent at first - I only put a little swipe and its wafting all over the room. Dry: The apple smell as receded and I'm getting a delicious mellow pumpkin pie now, with the mulled cider complete with cinnamon stick to swirl on it. This is an extremely foody scent on me and absolutely delicious, and its both comforting and sexy. The innocent pumpkin kicked up with the spice to draw someone closer for a nuzzling sniff. Big bottle - absolutely scrumptious