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  1. tdiym

    Bulgarian Tobacco

  2. tdiym


    when I open my box of BPALz, THE most wonderful smell comes out -- a mixture of all my oils and for years now I've wished for a scent that smells like that. So much so that I've even considered taking one drop of each and every one of them and putting them all into a bottle (great idea, right? ). And then I got a frimp of Mage from the lab with one of my orders. O!M!G! this is IT! It's that smell when I open my BPAL box!! Yeah, it's resinous and deep and has patchouli and maybe even dark orange in it. My BPAL box is heaven in a box. This is deep, dark heaven in a bottle.
  3. tdiym


    I had truly hoped this wouldn't really have muskiness to it, but what could I expect after reading the reviews? Musk is a note of doom for me, and I was hoping people were describing it as "musky" just because there wasn't any other word fitting to describe it. Nope, I was wrong. Muskiness is in there, and I can't get past that. It's sort of sweet and musky/soapy on me. Not for me. I'll hang onto it and hope that it will age into something deeper and more sophisticated somehow. I just can't deal with musk at all.
  4. tdiym

    Sexy, heady, incensey recs?

    Midnight Mass, which is a Yule and is frequently available either as a recurring Yule offering or on the aftermarket, is very incense-y
  5. tdiym

    India Ink

    when i was young, i studied at art school in the bowels of the big art museum in my city, and this fragrance is the smell of walking down those wide, flat concrete steps under the museum entering the school. it's fall when the air is cool and the smell of turpentine and linseed oil are fragrant hallmarks that the bustly world of downtown was upstairs, outside, and behind me. it signals the entry into another world underground: exciting, interesting, challenging, creative, stimulating, unique. wet in the bottle i got turps from the resins more than i got ink but i put it on and huffed sniffed and was transported back in time and place. now that it's dried down, here comes the linseed oil, too. instant nostalgia. art school. perfect.
  6. tdiym

    Oak Moon

    I get that kind of berry thing going on, too. It must be something in the "traditional lunar oils". I don't get as much wood as I expected and it's sweeter than I expected, too. I'm still on the fence about this one.
  7. tdiym

    Summer's Last Will and Testament

    On me, at first strong and distinct marigold, which I like a lot. Dry, it reminds me quite a bit of Lines Written Among the Eugenian Hills, which I also like a lot. I hadn't noticed the similarity at first, but it's been aging and has gotten smoother and more blended. Very nice I like this quite a bit.
  8. tdiym

    Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

    This smells piney to me, and that's the only distinct note I get. I got it more because of the event than the fragrance, so even though it smells like nothing in particular on me, I'm keeping it anyway. I never get anything that I can pick out other than the pine, but it's not even very piney. It has a whole lot of different things going on, the berries, the herbs, the pine, but nothing becomes distinctive enough for me to recognize and like or dislike much. Overall rating: meh
  9. tdiym

    Harvest Moon 2011

    This is a very lovely Hunter Moon, unlike earlier ones. On me, it's apples and spice, something I wouldn't normally be interested in ("too foody") but this is more complex and earthy while staying sweet and not going all sour and wonky on my skin after a couple of hours. It doesn't morph much on me, just a nice sweet complex primarily appley scent. Makes me wish I had hoarded ordered a back up bottle
  10. tdiym

    Autumn Cider

    AUTUMN CIDER Fermented apple juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, lemon zest, butterscotch liquor, and orange slices. I love this one! I's defnitely sweet apple but much more interesting with the spices and then as it dries down it starts to develop something almost slightly sour under the surface. It's great for me, just like Halloween, sort of sweet, but with a bite underneath.
  11. tdiym

    The Black Apple Of Saturn

    THE BLACK APPLE OF SATURN Dried Arkansas black apple, opoponax, cypress, myrrh, tobacco absolute, quince, black musk, and galbanum. I just received this yesterday so maybe it needs to take some time in the bottle to rest. Brand new out of the box it was very powdery, powder being one of my death notes. After a day I put a little bit on and unfortunately I'm not getting much apple from this one. It has lost some of teh powder but I had wanted more apple and less of the other stuff. This one is a disappointment for me. meh.
  12. tdiym

    Thirteen (13): August 2010

    This starts out like very dry chocolate on me. About mid morning it became very fruity, like overripe fruit. Not unpleasant, just very sweet. And at the last part of the afternoon, I kept noticing a wonderful, perfect sweet honey. I was wondering where that luscious honey smell was coming from -- and then I realized it was me! (well, it was 13, actually) The final drydown is The.Perfect.Honey. Must.get.more.
  13. tdiym

    Harvest Moon 2011

    I love this one. I ordered it late on a whim and I'm so glad I did. It's definitely different from the usual things I love and the apple ingredient would have made it something I would not have tried b/c I would have dismissed it as being "too foody". This is wonderful, very smooth and sweet appley, but the spices and leaves make it very mellow and keep me from smelling like a fruit stand. Pretty decent throw b/c an office mate sitting across from me can always tell when I've opened the bottle. It lasts a couple hours on me and then I have to (get to!) reapply it. It's wonderful and I love it and now I wish I had ordered a back up bottle! Definite win.
  14. tdiym

    Wolf Moon 2011

    i get mostly pine in this but it's sweet and very smooth. must be the berries. it's very pleasant, sweeter than what i usually wear but it's a nice change. i'm glad i got this one.
  15. tdiym

    Horse Chestnut Honey

    wow. horse chestnut honey is the love child of Tomoe Gozen bath oil and Kill-Devil. dark, rich, sticky and sweet. i'm not much of a foodie fan but this is so much darker (like Kill-Devil) that it doesn't seem foody to me in the usual way. this is the rich, sweet honey i've been looking for. i totally love this and definitely need to get a bottle...(at least one! )