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BPAL Madness!
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I'm going to pull my hair out!

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My fur-kids are killing me!!!



I'm getting ready for work... and it's finally time to go. I call the pups to put them in their crates. Iggy comes running right away... Berlin doesn't. Berlin! Berlin! After about 30 seconds of me calling her name, she comes around the corner with a "cigarette" hanging out of her mouth. Yeah, it looked funny as hell and I wish I had my camera at that second... but the fact is, she ate almost an entire pack of bubblegum cigarettes... about 5 or 6 pieces. So, I flip out, call the vet. Chris couldn't find the doctor so I put Berlin in her crate, ran to work, called the vet again and they said to just observe her. It's obviously more scary for her than other dogs because she's only about 10 pounds. I quickly did my morning duties and left to get home around 10. Now I'm sitting her watching her. She seems fine, but cripes... what if this stuff gums up her works, creates a blockage and she needs surgery?!?!??! I'm still in the hole with Iggy and I financially can't handle anymore or mentally either. I'm about to seriously just lose it.

Please, please, PLEASE think good thoughts for her. She and I both need them actually...


And speaking of Iggy.

He got his last bandage off yesterday. He had a huge scab, which is good, it means he's healing. The doctor said he'd be fine as long as he didn't lick it. Well, he was good all the way home, then we got inside and within 15 seconds, he had ripped his scab off. Blood everywhere. So I rebandaged him and he is conehead again. If it doesn't start to scab again by tomorrow, he has to go back into the vet.


And Spencer might be getting fired today for missing so much work due to his ulcer. His boss says he can't prove it's work related.


I think I'm getting an ulcer of my own from all this. Jebus!!!

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