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Crocodile Bar Atmosphere Spray

American Gods

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 11:33 PM

It was getting late. He was hungry, and when he realized how hungry he really was, he pulled off at the next exit and drove into the town of Nottamun (pop. 1301). He filled the gas tank at the Amoco and asked the bored woman at the cash register where he could get something to eat.
Jacks Crocodile Bar, she told him. Its west on County Road N.
Crocodile Bar?
Yeah. Jack says they add character. She drew him a map on the back of a mauve flyer, which advertised a chicken roast for the benefit of a young girl who needed a new kidney. Hes got a couple of crocodiles, a snake, one a them big lizard things.
An iguana?
Thats him.
Through the town, over a bridge, on for a couple of miles, and he stopped at a low, rectangular building with an illuminated Pabst sign.
The parking lot was half empty. Inside the air was thick with smoke and Walking After Midnight was playing on the jukebox. Shadow looked around for the crocodiles, but could not see them. He wondered if the woman in the gas station had been pulling his leg.
Cedar shavings, a swirl of booze, a flattened French fry, and barbeque sauce.

I expected this to smell like the lab's one variety of vetiver that always stinks like smoky mesquite bbq and cedar planks, and this does have a little of that scent to it, but mostly I'm getting a really lovely cedar from this atmo.  
This smells like the spicy, woody, natural scent of dry cedar, like the kind used in old cedar chests and hamster bedding.  I've always enjoyed that scent.  The booziness adds a dark, slinky, smooth, masculine touch that makes me think of black leather jackets.  The sweet bbq scent is strong at first, but settles into just a touch of a sweet, spicy note after a couple minutes.
I'd recommend this if you want a sweet & spicy, dry cedar with hints of sweetness and that dark, masculine edge.  I just recently had the pleasure of staying in an old, well-kept, wooden cabin full of wooden furniture out in the country, and this atmo smells a lot like walking into that home.  It's very much a cozy cabin in the woods, where you've gone to just sit around the lake and drink with good friends.

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Posted 14 October 2017 - 12:39 AM

Cedar wood and bbq sauce. There's just enough bbq sauce for me to think BBQ. And then the cedar and booze come along.


So yeah, this smells like bbq sauce. And now I want bbq chicken.

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