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BPAL Madness!
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Important News: BPAL's New Home

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We just sent this out in the email. Wanted to make sure it was posted here too!


It's been so difficult holding in this BIG NEWS, but it's officially time to inform the public: later in 2022, BPAL will be departing from our Los Angeles home and transplanting to the wonderful city of Philadelphia, where we'll be expanding into a larger facility.
This will serve as a fresh start for us in so many ways, after 20 years of proudly establishing ourselves in our native city. In addition to the new friends and local culture that await us, we hope this change will afford even greater opportunities for growth as a small business and artistic presence. We've organized the upcoming move in a way that shouldn't disrupt our regular business too much, and will definitely keep you updated as events unfold.
That's part one of the BIG NEWS. Part two relates to how you can help us fulfill this prophecy: as we're cleaning up shop in the months ahead, we'll be selling off all kinds of prototypes, backstock, fuck-ups, one-offs, and other rare items. Basically everything in the Lab! This will lighten our load considerably, as well as helping to fund the big cross-country move. More on this soon!
While we can't answer every question about our BIG NEWS just yet, please trust that we'll do our best to anticipate the needs and concerns of our community and remain in communication as everything unfolds.
We're especially grateful to our local friends and customers, who have been so generous with their support over the past two decades — which is why it hurts so much to say that for now, it seems unlikely that we'll be able to host another gathering at the Lab between now and our departure date. Each time we've gotten to a point where this seemed within reach, another plague-wave crashed over our city and sent us back to square one. This, combined with the challenges of entertaining at a facility that's being actively dismantled, could keep us from hosting a proper farewell. But we promise to explore other options earnestly in the months to come!
In the meantime, we ask that you direct any inquiries related to our BIG NEWS to tom@blackphoenixalchemylab.com, instead of writing to Customer Service or directly to our chieftains on social media. There's already so much labor happening behind the scenes to accomplish everything described above, in addition to keeping up with our normal production demands. We're excited to take everyone along with us (in spirit, at the very least!) on this exciting new adventure, and thank you in advance for your patience and well-wishes as we attempt the difficult, hopeful, heart-breaking work that lies ahead.



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