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BPAL Madness!
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Virtual Convention Weekend: New 'Fumes!

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Pretend we're telling you all this in person!
As of this moment, our convention weekend products are LIVE! This includes:
💥 Seven peach-themed perfumes, in the tradition of our Atlanta appearances
💥 A series of Duets specifically crafted to raise funds helping those affected by Hurricane Ida
💥 Our long-awaited August Lunacy offerings—which means double Duets, darlings!
All can be found lumped together here:


Please note that we'll be dedicating a portion of all the "con exclusive" sales to help with disaster relief, via the same orgs: The Cajun Navy, Imagine Water Works, and House of Tulip. We began sending donations earlier this week, ahead of the actual sales. (If you'd prefer to donate to these orgs directly, that is a perfectly valid and useful option!)






Meanwhile, we've got to do something with all the bits of free swag you'd normally get from shopping at the BPAL booth, which is currently piling up around our ears. So let it be known that while supplies last, we'll be cramming some of that loot into every order received this weekend, from now until 5pm (EST) on Monday.
Thanks again for all the love and support in the past weeks re: our con cancellation. It turns out this week would have been a very spicy time to travel anyway, and we're very happy to have the home-turf advantage as we look for ways to help with the current spate of disasters. So many hugs to be given right now, especially to our friends in Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, New York, and Philly.
Basically, all the places!

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