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Once your house has been freshened and cleansed with Cleaning House, renew and energize your home protection with Sealing Sanctuary. This oil is crafted to be a dazzling ward against illness, anger, cruelty, jealousy, sorrow, baneful magic, hostile spirits, and violence. It can be used on doors, doorways, and windows, and can be used to anoint protection candles, charms, and amulets.


This oil contains purslane, sandalwood, blessed salt, palo santo, fir, juniper, hyssop, and rue.

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From a smells perspective (not trying to use this as a ritual oil personally) this is soft and steady and quite fresh. There's a sort of herbal element to start with a pleasantly soft woodiness underneath it.  I'm not really getting an evergreen note from the fir or juniper, but the sandalwood/palo santo is quiet and pleasant at the bottom of this. There's something that feels vaguely citrusy about it, which google suggests might be the purslane (lemony) or the rue (orange-ish); I'm not familiar with either of those two scents really. Overall this is a fairly subtle smell that does sort of give the air of fresh, clean, safety/surety.

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