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BPAL Madness!
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Papilio Androgenius Epidarus (Prototype)

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This was mentioned in the Dirty South Lunacy back in 2015. 
And speculated that the released version may be Insects.


This one does have patchouli, it has a very purple vibe, but there's a floral freshness to it. The patchouli is there to give darkness and glimmer in shadows. Overall, the top notes are a purple floral (perhaps even phlox), mayhaps violet. It is lighter and airier than Insects, and more along the lines of what you think a moth/butterfly blend would be, whereas Insects was a harder, grittier patchouli blend. In this it makes me think more Black Moths than Insects. Although I don't smell roses in this blend. It actually reminds me more to the atmosphere Lucille Sharpe, if Lucille Sharpe was to turn into a winged insect. 

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