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Ted’s interpretation.

The ephemeral romance, the fleeting affair: frankincense and blackcurrant, caramelized black amber, and motia attar.

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This is mainly a strong frankincense with caramel amber. It's strong resins and amber. Smells more like a black moon than a blue moon. Great throw and wear length.

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Wow! This is gorgeous! (sorry for the length, I'm someone who wants to know more about a scent before buying, so I was trying to be detailed)


In the bottle: Something sweet, something spicy, something a little floral. It all blends so nicely. 

Wet: Right on, it was very sweet, but in a spiced sugar way. Then it sort of went a little sour in a strange way (I almost thought it had oudh, but it wasn't quite that). After a few minutes, it calmed down. Bit more of that sweet spice note again, with the fruit coming up.
Dry: Wow, this is so nice! It's very evocative of a dark night that still has a moon out. The frankincense is the most notable note with the sweet fruit note of the blackcurrant accompanying it. Together there's a nice spicy, sweet, lightly fruity scent that feels like spiced tea on a cold night. But the caramelised amber is keeping it from drifting into a summery or spring night with that heavier powder scent that's almost a sweet honey note. The amber isn't turning into the almost perfume powder I'm used to, it's more of a honey dust powder. This may be the first time something with the black note hasn't slowly morphed into a leather note on me....

There is a sort of night blooming flower note hidden under it all, but I have no idea what it is. Looking up 'mottia attar' is just.... not helpful as it says it's a type of jasmine & there is not hint of jasmine I am familiar with. A few hours later, it's this great sugary sweet incense note (almost what I wanted 7 Word: Lust to be) with a really lazy, floral note under it that reminds me of night blooming flowers around my house (though not the night blooming jasmine I know, which is great, because I loathe that tree). Leaving me with what feels like a dark night, not moonless because the flowers wouldn't bloom, that has some old god of dark things bringing me flowers & I do not mind at all. 

Throw is not bad, about a foot. Shouldn't bother anyone & hopefully the right person will lean in for a better smell... 

Note: It layers really well with a lavender sleep oil (a light one). 


PSA: Just learned what "mottia attar" is! It's something called "Jasmine sambac" & it's a night blooming flower. Not night blooming jasmine that I am used to, no (it's not real jasmine, come to learn... it's jessmine or poisonberry). But it is a flower I know. It's the flower that grows around my house that I mentioned. We call it "pikake" & make lei's out it & I almost threw my phone when I finally ran across that piece of information because I almost said above, "it smells like pikake leis." The more you know.

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