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Checking On Your Order? Read This <3

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Hello everyone! We're still short-staffed due to covid-19, which means very few people are doing ALL the work. And that work needs to be constrained to the hours when they're actually working (so they don't burn out), and it all needs to be kept as organized and streamlined as possible.


So if you're checking on an order, or have requests related to an order, or stray questions related our products or the Lab's ability to do certain things, the ONLY appropriate place for those messages is through the Customer Service email: answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com. That way the messages can be prioritized and dealt with properly, by the correct person. 


Please don't hit up Elizabeth or Ted on their personal social media accounts with your requests. In addition to those notifications landing at odd hours or during a time when they may be trying to relax, it also means your message may get lost in the shuffle, or they may not remember exactly where that conversation was happening. It also thwarts our attempt to organize and prioritize requests as they come in. So even if you see that they appear to be active on their personal social media, that is not an invitation to reach out there with work-related requests. 


In terms of "stray questions related to the Lab's products or our ability to do certain things," the Lab's social media channels are a totally okay place to message privately and ask. In which case you're most likely to reach me, Tom! And I'll be happy to point you in the right direction, even if that means suggesting that you email CS.


It is difficult to convey in words just HOW MUCH work everyone is doing, or how all-consuming it can be. If you consider Elizabeth and Ted your friends to the point where you feel comfortable reaching out personally with work requests, I implore you to consider the cumulative effect of that, writ large across their entire social circle. 


It's just worth a periodic reminder as this wears on, and we all struggle to adjust to our new "normal." Thank you so much for listening, and for your enduring support!






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