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Cacao and Kola Nut Hair Gloss

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Note: I tested this on a paper towel as well as my arm. Normally I test hair gloss in my hair, one day on wet hair, one day on dry, but I just can't get myself to smell like chocolate for two days in 90+ degree weather (which you wouldn't think would happen in April). :ack: I'll update this review once I try it in my hair if I get different results from it, but I wanted to share my thoughts on it now since nobody has chimed in yet!


Cacao and Kola Nut is a foodie delight. The combination of the cacao with the kola nut gives off this nutty chocolate-y dessert vibe that has me wanting Magic Bars. I want to gnaw my arm. Over time, the scent becomes nuttier and less chocolate-y. The cola aspect of the kola nut peeks out after about an hour of wear and becomes more prominent with wear, so that it's like this nutty cola scent dusted in cacao. The cola aspect is terrific and has me wanting a cola hair gloss à la Absurd Origin Story. :beg: 


I only got a 4ml decant of this, and I am pretty sure I am going to need more, because it's so unique. I am hoping I'll be able to find a partial, since I already have two chocolate-y hair glosses (El Dia de los Reyes HG and Peppermint Cocoa HG), but I'll full bottle it if I have to, because 4ml (well, now 3ml) is not enough. :P 

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Dry cocoa, and a hint of kola nut. Its a dusty nutty cocoa smell. This is like high quality slightly sweetened cocoa. Delicious.

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