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BPAL Madness!

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A wrath for the ages: scorched aluminum and white-hot copper solder, cracked aluminosilicate glass, conflict-full tantalum, and the gingery-bubble of a short-circuiting vibration assembly stewing in a thick, hot black musk.


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Scorched ginger, glass, black musk. This smells like asphalt, copper, and musk. It's exciting, dangerous, and would be unpleasant if you didn't enjoy it so much. Why is this so charming? It just is.  This is the scent of that boyfriend setting your kitchen on fire, trying to make you breakfast, and even though you know that you should break up with him, you just call him sweetheart, cuddle him and his scorched cute butt, and figure that the linoleum needed changed anyway.


Medium throw and wear length.

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