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BPAL Madness!
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Get Your Shit Together

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For when you’re feeling out of control, scattered, and overwhelmed. Clove oil and bud, wild orange oil, star anise essential oil, myrtle essential oil, ginger root essential oil, and patchouli root.


A lot is going on right now – A LOT – all over the world, and the upheaval is reflected in our personal lives. We’re coming out of 2018’s Tower’esque maelstrom, and many of us are still struggling to get our bearings. This small set of oils has been designed for ritual and can also be worn as perfumes because we could all use a helping hand right about now. 


Get Your Shit Together was created, composed, and consecrated under the healing, calming auspices of Luna. As she wanes, may she remove the terrors and grief that clutch at your heart, and as she waxes, may she fill you with peace and tranquility.

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Moving is 1000% stressful. This to me smells like star anise, lemongrass, ginger, and a whiff of clove. This is both a refreshing slap and a resounding shake to ground yourself. It's a jolt to the system. I used this after feeling frazzled from a weekend of packing.


It left me feeling better about where we are in the process as opposed to feeling defeated and overwhelmed by it.

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