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BPAL Madness!
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Hi all -- you may have already noticed that some Trading Post orders are being shipped by by the Lab proper. No need to panic! This is merely a step toward gradually merging these two businesses, which have functioned separately for many years.


Relieving Ted's burden in terms of processing and shipping orders is an important step: among other things, this will free him up to work on developing new products! And gradually, BPAL and Trading Post products will be all be available on one website, making everyone's shopping/shipping experience that much easier.


There's nothing especially secretive about these plans; we're simply navigating them in real time, and wanted to let our devoted customers know in case you notice anything that deviates from the way we've done things in the past. In the meantime, if you have concerns about your order, please reach out to Ted or BPAL's customer service, just the way you normally would.


Going forward, new Trading Post releases will appear on the BPAL site, a la last week's Lupercalia update. Until all the older products have migrated, go ahead and order those through the Trading Post site. In the event that you purchase from both BPAL and Trading post, one of the two shipping charges will be waived. (You're welcome to make a note of this in your purchase.)


The fact that we have so many people to notify about these upcoming changes is a reminder of all the terrific folks who've been following along with both companies since the beginning! Here's to bold new enterprises and exciting new smells.


Happy Lupercalia!


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