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BPAL Madness!
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Status Update Re: FULL MOON FLAKES

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Several of you have reached out about FULL MOON FLAKES, the reward BPAL contributed to an Indiegogo campaign for "Typecast: A Comedy About Monsters in Hollywood." 


While the responsibility for fulfilling these orders rests on those running the campaign, it appears more than a few people have been left waiting for their rewards.


In the interest of making sure no good deed goes punished, we at the Lab have decided to deal with these cases directly. If you backed this campaign but still haven't received your FULL MOON FLAKES perfume, please forward your donation receipt to answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com, along with your mailing address.


Thank you for faithfully supporting the arts, and/or wishing to reek of chocolate cereal! And for your thoughtful emails bringing this matter to our attention – yet another reminder that BPAL fans are the very best fans.

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