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BPAL Madness!
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Lunacy Sock Drive + Teacher Bonus Scent

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One open-house event this weekend, two local issues worthy of your attention!


Firstly, we’re hosting a sock drive for our friends at Drive-By Do-Gooders. Did you know socks are among the items most requested by our neighbors living on the streets? Particularly during these chilly winter months. 


Stockpile some stockings this week: your sock donation worth $20 or more at our event will earn you a free bottle of this exclusive scent, a wintry take on the blend we created for DBDG in 2017: FROSTBITTEN DANDELIONS & CONCRETE.


Also, we want everyone to know that BPAL stands with LA teachers! A few words from our founder, Elizabeth:

“In solidarity and support, we will be offering a free bottle from our general catalog of scents to any teachers that come to our Los Angeles Lunacy event in January, regardless of whether or not the strike has ended by then. 


Both of my parents were LAUSD, and I remember the last time the teachers had to strike. I was a freshman at the time, and I saw first hand how difficult – how painful, how hard – it was for my parents, and for all teachers. 


We stand with UTLA, with the students, and with the families of the students and teachers in Los Angeles.”

Please pass this along to any educators in your squad! We just ask that they show a badge, school ID, or credential to redeem. 


All this – in addition to the entertainment provided by Party Goats L.A., and the unique offerings of guest vendor Portals of Time Vintage – ought to be a kickoff worthy of 2019!

Saturday January 26th, 4-7pm
12120 Sherman Way, North Hollywood 91605 

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