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BPAL Madness!
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New: VAMPIRE LACE and LYCAN LACE at Dark Delicacies

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Support small businesses while flipping the bird to mortal beauty standards with these two new Monster Lace perfume blends, created exclusively for Dark Delicacies. Each is limited to 150 in quantity:




"A veneer of civility shredded, torn, and bloodied. Ragged, soil-stained sugar-spun vanilla, dragged through a thicket of thorny roses, tobacco, and black pine, hot with feral musk and incense, and spattered with viscera."


"The civilized, sweet restraint of lily-white sugared vanilla silk gleaming with a glimpse of fang-white musk, smeared with wanton red musk seed, tobacco, red agarwood, and ritual benzoin, and blackened with a depraved miasma of clove husk, drooping oakmoss, black leather, and balsam. Limited to 150."


After a roller coaster year of everyone rallying to Save Magnolia Park amidst the closure of numerous small businesses, we stand in solidarity with all our spooky Burbank friends. Save the date -- on Feb. 2nd Dark Delicacies will be hosting a special event to raise funds for relocation!

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