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BPAL Madness!
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Hello, fellow Krampus creeps! As is our custom, our Lunacy event on December 15th (4p-7pm) will also serve as a toy drive. For the first time ever, we're changing the protocol for donating, at the request of Children's Hospital Los Angeles:


"Space in the hospital to store all the wonderful toys is at a premium; as such we kindly recommend holding a 'Gift Card' drive, instead of a traditional toy drive whenever possible. Gift cards allow us to maximize your gift to our patients because they provide our staff with the flexibility to make 'on-demand' toy purchases."


So bring us gift cards $20 or above for the following retailers:

❄️ Amazon
❄️ Target
❄️ iTunes


(This also allows the hospital to serve children who would prefer "an educational game, book or personal choice.")


In exchange for this gift, you'll receive a free bottle of an exclusive perfume: SUGAR COOKIES IN A SNOWDRIFT. Something cheerful on a cold day, to match the spirit of your donation!


If you're unable to bring a gift card to the event, we will also accept $20 to donate on your behalf.


More info about the Vermont and Atlanta events to come!


Thanks, one and all!

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