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A Gaulish giant, believed to be the Gaul’s parallel to the god Mercury. Wild sage and hyssop, marigold and frankincense, lemon verbena and tobacco.


I hate to be first review and not a rave, but Erriapus is not working with my skin chemistry.  You know those high-end, French-milled lemon verbena soaps?  That's basically what I'm getting, with a bit of musty marigold.  I wonder if my skin has started turning sage into soap -- I got soap from The Crescent Moon, too.  That would be tragic.  After about an hour I start to get a little tobacco and frank but it's too late to save this on me.  

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Ew no.  Yeah, all those other notes looked great, but the lemon verbena is front and center to my nose, and it's going swampy.  Sort of an herbal, swampy, lemon thing going on.  It almost smells like there's anise in here?  A bit soapy -- yes, in a French-milled way vs. an aquatic way.  After a bit, the lemon verbena does calm down, and this smells better, but it's still not my thing.  MIld, clean, and herbal.  Something's making it smell a bit creamy, perhaps the frank, but that just kind of adds to the feel of soap lather.  


Crescent Moon worked for me, so I'm going to blame the verbena and marigold.  I know chrysanthemum smells almost green-aquatic to me, and it seems like I'm getting a similar effect here from the marigold.  


ETA - As a caveat, Lucchesa and I seem to have similar chemistry and tastes with perfume, so others might have a wildly different experience.  If you like herbals and lemon verbena, this would probably be right up your alley. 

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