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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves and Wildflower Honey Hair Gloss

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[No additional description provided.]


I hate a love-hate relationship with many of BPTP’s honey glosses — the honey is just too sweet and strong for everyday wear. That’s not the case here. The honey here is definitely wildflower honey, lighter in nature and dancing with wildflowers.


This gloss is part perfume, from the wildflower honey, and part cologne, from the dead leaves.


I don’t think I need a bottle, but I’m enjoying the experience with my tester.

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The dead leaves note isn't really my thing...but I keep trying. This is the most wearable version to me! The honey tempers what always comes off as harshness to me in a beautiful way. Oh, and I also hate honey. But somehow REALLY enjoyed this blend. 

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