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All Hallows Chaos: Samhain Hair Gloss

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Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.


― Mary Shelley, 1831

This Samhain, were reveling in the desecration of a classic blend: Damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein.

#7. I was excited for my number. First sniff of the Chaos HG is fresh and floral which is an interesting counterpoint to the leafy deep smell I was expecting. I still get the lovely apple but its tropical fall. Pikaki or plumeria? Almost a cocoa butter undercurrent. Not chocolatey.

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#3. Ah-mazing! I swear this has dragons milk in it. Anyone who has tried dragons milk hair gloss knows it has a unique, extra potent, oil thick smell. That sounds awful but I don't know how else to describe it. It just has a different texture to the scent then other hairglosses. I detect that same awesomeness in here. Plus I think extra apple. I could be totally off of course...lol

WIN. Will be buying another.

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Part of this may be hopeful wishing on my part, but I smell something that smells like the sugared musks of Smut. When I had mentioned buying this hair gloss in these forums, Puddin’ had mentioned he recently mixed some up with Smut 2006 in it and I think that may just be what I got. I love it!

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This smells like Samhain with a glug more apple in it, a modification I'm in full support of. :D It's almost like a cross between Samhain and one of the NYCC apple hair glosses. I love it!

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#37 (I think. It dripped a bit during a long transport and the handwritten ink was a bit gone)


Initially, I didn't like the idea of Chaos, as I didn't like anyone to mess around with the original Samhain. But when I tried this HG, I was amazed.


Since I don't have my original Samhain with me in the foreign exchange place where I am, I cannot compare to figure out their difference. I have to compare my "memory of Samhain" with Samhain Chaos # 37 (2018). It does have the nice Samhain notes that I adore - plus.

But whats that plus?


When applied

Initially, it may be almond/marzipan and ... flower... faint tearose or gardenia? ... no, thats not fully accurate , but what is it? There was something pink for a moment, then it reminded me more of honey. Somehow it makes the red apple also come out a bit more than usual in Samhain. For a brief moment, it gave me a whiff of a magnolia feeling, although I can't smell magnolia straight when I elaborate further, so thats probably not in there, but my brain trying to solve a puzzle. Then there even was a whiff of tobacco, but that passed before I captured it, and it really doesn't linger. Then I was also thinking about fur, but I never had anything with fur from the lab, so I can't possibly know, and it was more an "image" the scent evoked: comfort. I was thinking about "Alice" but I am not sure. Then, when I had coloured my hair with henna, and when the henna smell was still in it, I got a note like leather with red berries. So, no conclusion. I don't know.


I may get all notes wrong. At the end of the day, I guess it just is very, very comforting, and a bit sweeter and more positive than Samhain by its own.



It remains ... something sweeter than the original. There also is something "deep", but that may be the original Samhain.

It ALL reminds me of something. Something kind and un-evil. I can't put my finger on what that would be. 


In sum, this is a very comforting scent. It gives some hope in a damp forest.

There is a breeze of "positive" in this scent, and it fits perfectly with Samhain.


This is a really really good combo, thank you so much for creating it!

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added version: 2018, and typos

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Samhain #14 decant


Classic Samhain with extra apple and a glug of booze. But what kind? Not rum, nor wine, nor champagne, nor whiskey. I'm guessing cognac or brandy. The apples are sweet and red, and are enhanced by the booze. This is an excellent version!

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Samhain #15 decant

Samhain base with a little maple syrup & some extra fruit - maybe pear as well as apple? Or is that rum? My nose has given up.  :lol:  


Samhain #17 decant

This one has a bit of sugary purple fruit: grape or possibly plum. Also  a noticeable smokiness. Very intriguing.  


Samhain #19 decant

This reads as quite masculine to me. Not particularly sweet or fruity. It's boozy (whiskey?) with more pronounced woods & leaves than classic Samhain.

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