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BPAL Madness!

Golden Apple, Golden Sandalwood, and Amber Hair Gloss

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[No additional description provided.]


This is mainly an amber and sandalwood blend with a hint of apple. It's golden, and gilded and it reminds me to the Victorian 19th century. Very classic perfume.

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Golden Apple, Golden Sandalwood, and Amber HG in my hair is apple-forward at first, with apple doing the driving. The golden apple note is really mellow but luscious—almost juicy? And is very autumnal, perfect for this time of year. As the hair gloss wears on, the sandalwood and amber step forward and assert themselves, although the apple is always present, bringing sweetness and that sense of juiciness. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the intersection of these notes, but I like how they work together to create a total fall vibe. I think this would layer well with a lot of my Halloween scents, in fact, and can't wait to do some experimenting!

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On my hair (and on me, because I couldn't resist using it as a body mist after my shower) this is also very apple-forward, with just a hint of the sandalwood and amber to smooth out what might otherwise be a very acidic apple. It's a very bright and golden scent indeed, suitable for all the way through fall AND winter. I agree that this would probably layer wonderfully with a number of Weenies! Longevity seems a little weaker than other HGs I've tried, but I did just have my hair recolored less than a week ago and it might be interfering with how well the scent holds.


My sister saw the bottle in the bathroom and decided to give it a try as well, as she loves apple scents. Now, the two of us have wildly differing tastes in perfume (she prefers florals whereas I'm more about resin/incense), and her nose unfortunately didn't enjoy it at all; she described it as "musty grandparents' attic" with the amber and sandalwood up front and the apple going rotten in the back. Just thought it would be fair to share a second opinion because I was amused how differently two people could experience the same bottle.

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