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BPAL Madness!

The Serpentine Bath Oil

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Photographs, videos… they don’t do justice to the love that I feel for my girl. The quiet of this moment was special. We weren’t speaking; it was just a dad and his daughter together, enjoying the fleeting time of youth, and all was right in the world. I hope she remembers these special times when she looks back on her childhood. I know that I will never forget them.

Dorian, Lilith’s lavender, snowdrops, and soft vanilla.


Serpentine perfume oil is one of my favourite BPAL's (or BPTP's) of all time, so I was super excited to see that it would be released in a bath oil as the Lunacy. I've had a few bath oils before now and have taken to using them as in shower moisturiser being not much of a bath person.
Bath oil (excluding smell) wise it is exactly what I've come to expect from the the trading post. Moisturising, doesn't end up greasy when I get out of the shower, leaves my skin feeling far better than when it started.
As far as scent goes this is amazing! I find that it's got a little more vanilla to it than my bottle of Serpentine (though this might be the age difference). It is by far my favourite bath oil I've had from the trading post and I hope it'll be making a reappearance again on the site after it goes down on the lunancy. It's the perfect bedtime bathoil.

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This is what I voted for in the poll!


I used this as an after-shower moisturizer and haven't tried it in the bath. My skin is super dry right now, so I slathered it on my arms!


Dorian’s tea is strong at first, but when that aspect calms down, it’s all about that wonderful, billowy, soft vanilla. UNF. :thud: I get hints of the lavender, snowdrops, and Dorian behind it, but they’re really just hints. The vanilla is the star here.


I would have ordered more than one bottle of this if bath oils didn’t go off after a few years. (I store mine away from heat and light in a dark closet, but the base becomes more prominent after a few years.) Even so, I am still tempted to order a back-up bottle, even though I told myself no bath oil back-ups, because this is absolutely stunning! :heart: I love this even more than the hair gloss, and I definitely get far more vanilla from this than the perfume!

If you're debating this one, stop debating it and grab a bottle before it goes away! You will not be disappointed!

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I love the perfume oil so much that I bought two bottles of the bath oil. And Serpentine bath oil is everything I dreamed of! I also use this as an after-shower moisturizer. It's lavender-forward, with the Dorian and snowdrops underneath, and downy soft, the equivalent of a pale lilac color. So relaxing and comforting. I'll enjoy using these bottles up this winter—it's perfect after a nighttime bath for a great night of sleep or a decadent start to a weekday.

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