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BPAL Madness!

Horking Dragon Hair Gloss

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Crafted to be paired with Fair Maiden Side-Eye: a bushy plop of patchouli root, sticky molasses-clotted almond, tonka bean husk, tobacco absolute, and bourbon vanilla.

I imagined this to be very sticky sweet, all brown if brown could be bottled as a fragrance, but surprisingly it's mostly just a clean patchouli, which is a contradiction in itself! I think the almond and tonka bean might be working in tandem to make the patchouli more office-friendly. I sprayed it on damp hair and couldn't smell it even an hour later, so I sprayed some more on this morning's dry hair and it was still all patch. It's been about three hours and I already can't smell it in my hair unless I really put it in front of my face and take a deep whiff. I've been really loving patchouli as autumn comes around the corner so I quite like this.

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Patchouli, tonka, tobacco, and a whiff of vanilla. This one is darker but clean patchouli blend. Good throw and wear length.

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