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BPAL Madness!

Delicate Dragon Hair Gloss

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Gilded vanilla orchid, cherry blossom, crystalline pale petals, flecks gold leaf, and drops of daemonorops draco.

Unf, I love Delicate Dragon HG. Cherry blossom can be a bit too much for me, but here it's cut by the vanilla orchid and daemonorops draco (dragon's blood). Those notes take down the sweetness and innocence of cherry blossom a bit without making it less delicate. I'm not sure if I'm detecting the pale petals and gold leaf, but I'm sure they're here, helping to make this well-blended beast as pretty as it is. It smells pale pink, and although there are loads of flowers in it, I wouldn't classify it as an overt floral. It's really difficult to describe but I will enjoy using every drop.

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Cherry blossoms, vanilla orchid, whiff of something spicier underneath. It's a very cherry blossom scent. 

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the crazy thing is that this doesn't smell all that floral to me. 

on my skin, anyhow, this ends up smelling closer to what i wish all the milk and cream based scents smelled like. i love the idea of those scents, but instead of milk, to me they end up more like... Greek yogurt that's just this side of going off. unsweetened, tangy and a little off-putting.

this smells milky, and pale pink, and with the slightest whiff of aerosol White Rain hairspray. 

when i tried it two years ago, i didn't think much of it but now? now it is so very pretty.

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