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BPAL Madness!

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A braaaaaap of oakmoss, labdanum, lightly-chewed villager, and smoke.

Citrusy-edged smoke, aquatic oakmoss and a tinge of labdanum. This one is an interesting mix of both smoke and aquatic. Medium throw and wear length.

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Wet: I get neroli bordering on orange peel and something almost fir like initially. The first five minutes remind me of Könnt Ihr So Verwegen Handeln from the LEs minus the salty note. Then the labdanum pushes through. There is a slightly soapy note, which I think may be orange blossom. 

Drydown: It stays citrus/soapy and labdanum. It is surprisingly light and close to the skin for something called Dragon Belch. I just noticed that zankoku_zen described an aquatic note. The soapiness makes sense now. It's a rare aquatic that doesn't become a cleaning product on my skin.

About 20 minutes in oakmoss shows up and blends with the labdanum. The soapiness mellows out, and this is much more tolerable now. Labdanum is definitely the dominant note in this blend, followed by oakmoss. It's sweet and slightly effervescent in the way that labdanum goes on my skin. I'm not sure if the leathery oakmoss is supposed to represent the villager, but I don't get anything else that would. I am getting just a touch of smokiness. 

About 40 minutes in this has gotten so much better. Labdanum is still the strongest note, then oakmoss. However, now I am getting some spices. Nutmeg, maybe? It's softly spiced and just a bit salty - the villager? I wonder if the smoke is opium which can also be soapy on me. It ends up being a spiced, smoky labdanum and just a bit earthy/leathery. I am actually really enjoying it despite the slight soapiness. I'm surprised there aren't more reviews on this one. Beth did the impossible and created a soapy scent that I will actually happily wear. 

4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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