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The Horned God

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Lord of the cycle of death and resurrection, he is the personification of the rhythms of order found deep in the cycles of nature. He is the embodiment of virility and male fecundity and shepherd of souls to the afterlife.

Ash and white cedar, frankincense and acacia, holly and oak, verbena and nettle.

Verbena (which adds this citrus edge), cedar, frankincense. This smells like manly cedar. Or more like a manly cedar perfume. There's a bit of greenery peeking through which is either holly or nettle. Good throw and wear length.


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Only one review?  The Horned God is good stuff if you like cedar.  It's strong cedar, like pushing your face into a cedar tree that someone has recently harvested bark from.  There's other stuff growing in the grove around you -- nettles, which you don't want to push your face into, other green and woody things.  I don't get lemon or florals, and the frankincense is the one in Cathedral that smells like cedar on me anyway.  The Horned God sticks around a good long time.  I will be putting this decant with my TALs but once in a rare while I may want to smell this gloriously of cedar. 

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