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BPAL Madness!

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An oil for use when you need to banish sh*tty vibes, the residue of petty arguments, low-level irritations, and the malocchio tossed by rude randos. In some cases, this can be utilized to actively banish certain spirits, but ymmv. This blend contains angelica essential oil, palo santo, Roman chamomile, and camphor oil.


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So I'm currently wearing a combo of Mercury's Crescent and Clean the Air. I originally chose Mercury's Crescent, but impulsively grabbed some Clean the Air afterwards. I got a minty and chamomile smell form it, but mainly got an additional sense of purification. The effect reminds me to White Light, but doesn't feel like it. White Light has this comforting sense to me, whereas Clean the Air seems much more matter of fact. In fact, it reminds me more to Jinx Removing, but sans the bathing component. Think of it like smudging, and just getting rid of whatever bad vibes may be malingering.

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