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White rose, gilded carnation, brown oakmoss, and velvet oudh.

This is gender neutral and divided into three equal parts woods, oakmoss, and rose, with carnation enhancing both the heaviness of the rose and the spiciness of the oudh, but never playing a major part. This doesn't read as specifically "masculine" to my nose, but it has a definite Renaissance gentleman's vibe; it's a rose scent that reminds you why men wore rosewater as cologne for much of history. It smells smooth and brown; I don't know that I would specifically pick "rose" out of the notes after a few minutes of wear, but my skin test was iffy so I have to go with sniffing. Looking forward to seeing some actual wear test reviews!

(I didn't decant this perfume, so I can't compare the formulations.)

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Rose, oudh, and carnation. This one is not heavy on the rose, and I get a fair bit of both oudh and spicy carnation. mr. zee_zee said that my hair smelled nice. Not really big on the lasting power after I was done blow-drying my hair though.

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With rose and carnation, I had high hopes for this one.


In the decant - smells kind of powdery light rose and what I think is oudh


Fresh application - the carnation is staying really far back in the background, but the rose is up front, with the oudh. It's a very powdery, soft, "velvety" is a good word for it scent. It's not a fresh/green rose, or a lush or creamy one.


Few hours later - this one lasts, though! It's a close smell, not a huge through, but I keep catching whiffs of it even with most of my hair back. It's still super powdery, but this isn't baby powder of doom powdery, it's just a kind of dry, light, softness. Now, it's generically "floral" and I think I can pick up some carnation, but it's not the bold spanish red carnation I love, it's a lot more polite and background-y. The rose is there, but not what I'd really think of as "rose" when I imagine that scent. Glad I didn't get more of this one, I don't think I'd wear it again.

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