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BPAL Madness!
Diva Urd

Very, Very Dreadfully Nervous Hair Gloss

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TRUE! nervous very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?

A proclamation of sanity: a dignified bay rum cologne and a hint of respectable lime aftershave, pierced through by glittering shards of madness.

Well, since no one has written a review for this yet, I'll give it a try, particularly since I found that I really like this.

The primary note is indeed bay rum, given a little zing by the lime. I don't know that this codes as super-masculine for me - I'd call it unisex. As for the "glittering shards of madness," I find myself wondering whether there might be a hint of carnation in here and that's what that refers to. It doesn't scream floral in case you might be worried about that, but the note underneath the two big players mentioned above reminds me a lot of Amaterasu v2 somehow. The overall feeling of this is a bit powdery and a bit "fizzy," not too outrageous to wear while out and about, but also not exactly shy in terms of throw and wear length. Very enjoyable!

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Flash review! This is churchdoor's first bay rum scent, first hair gloss, first Trading Post product, and first test after this dreadful cold, and the effects of that last first are still mildly haranguing the senses. The first time I tried this was on dry, unwashed hair, but I could barely make out the clove; during the time of this review, my hair was washed and damp before application.


At first

To quote alt-J, "Do not spray into eyes. / I have sprayed you into my eyes." N.b., the spray-into-hand-and-smooth-in method is preferable for those with no sense of aim.


But then (I.e., when one pays attention once more to one's nose again rather than to one's eye.)

If bay rum = spices marching in with clove on the front lines, then this is bay rum, by Meg, Jack, and Gum! (That's but a minced oath, not referring to any purveyor of bay rum, fine or otherwise.)


After (just a little) time

The troops brought limes as pack animals, the scent of which evokes the sweet aromatic spices and lime leaves sauteing before a dashing good curry.


Thematic Analysis

The gloss does move from foot to foot for a bit before the clove yields to reveal the lime; if there are shards of madness, they only serve to clear my sinuses for a moment on behalf of the main foci.



Very, Very Dreadfully Nervous was a great introduction to hair gloss and the BPTP itself, presenting a clean scent slowly shifting through its notes.

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