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BPAL Madness!

Dead Leaves, Pumpkin Pulp, and Peppercorns Hair Gloss

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[No additional description provided.]

Currently obsessed with Pink Peppercorn, so had to give this a go. The perfume version of Dead Leaves and Pink Peppercorn was not good on me. Hoping this is better!

Ah...there's cinnamon in the pumpkin pulp. This is mostly sweet cinnamon on me, with a hint of pumpkin and dead leaves. There's maybe a touch of that floral-spicy thing that pink peppercorn does, but barely any. The combo of the pumpkin spice type scent with the dead leaves is pretty special though. Kind of makes it like fall in a bottle. I'm really enjoying it, and will keep my little 5ml and use it.

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Dead Leaves, Cinnamon and a touch of pumpkin. It was mainly a dead leaves, cinnamon and pumpkin blend. Very autumnesque. Good throw and wear length.

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