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BPAL Madness!

Dragon Umbrage Hair Gloss

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Black currant bud, crumbly rose, black clove, strawberry seed, and bergamot.

I went to dragon*con thinking I would fall utterly in love with Dragon Mlerm. Much to my surprise, Dragon Umbrage swooped in and stole my heart. This being said, I am not a rose fan AT ALL. Fortunately for me, my nose doesn't detect any rose. The currant and strawberry are definitely the strongest notes in here. The clove is also detectable, giving this gloss a very slight spicy kick. Overall, it smells like some of the most delicious fruity candy you could ever imagine. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. 10/10.

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I believed ABBA and took a change on this dragon. She didn't disappoint! It's hard to imagine how all these notes come together just looking at them on paper. Yet there is a magic in the bottle, and even more once sprayed.


Here, I can smell something akin to Eat Me's HG, that same red and black currant situation that is very friendly and wearable, sweet and a little tart, and the only drop of rose is like Turkish Delight, much softened and candied. The clove plays nice, it doesn't boss the rest of the notes around. Just a subtle backdrop of dark spice for the brighter notes of the berries to pop. Here, too, the strawberry plays nice with others. It reminds me a bit of the strawberry from Beating the Tatami, fresh and green and seedy, where you can smell a bit of the vine along with the fruit itself.  The bergamot doesn't really stand out, but it must be balancing all of the other notes well, maybe helping keep the strawberry green and a little zingy.


Overall, this smells like a delicious herbal tea to me, wonderful for spring. I love my bottle lots! I'm not one to love rose, but the crumbly candy of this rose is not to be feared. The rest of it is a sweet, cool currant tea that would go perfectly with the cakes of Eat Me. I think someone who enjoyed that one and would like something less explicitly gourmand for spring and summer would adore this.

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i wanted to love this; i love the mix of notes, and i was very excited to try it. 

i usually amp rose, but this seemed to be battle of the death notes, with clove winning out and dominating. it became currant drowning in clove (which takes on an herbal tone that just does not work for me). 

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