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BPAL Madness!

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Ink-black patchouli, red and black musks, honey carnation, red currant, and oakmoss.

On wet, I get mainly a red and black musk combo. As it dries, I get a whiff of the patchouli at the very bottom, but there's also touches of carnation. To me, the oakmoss gilds both of the musks. It smells dark and haunting. But also very luxurious. This like the equivalent of a black velvet cape. It's luxurious to the touch and wraps around you so stylishly when you're off to your nefarious undertakings under the moonlight. Good throw and wear length.

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Dark and sinister woods with sweet red fruit & spicy carnation. As it dries, the fruit loses some of its sweetness & an inky note washes across the dark wood. The patch in this is tempered by the musks so that it is deep, rich & smooth.


I wasn't expecting this to scent to be my favorite of the Flowering Lines set but it does indeed win!

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